Demeo Graphics Comparison – Quest vs PC VR


We’ve put Demeo’s Quest and PC VR version up against each other in this graphics comparison – and they’re not too shabby! You can read our full Demeo review (SPOILERS – it’s 5/5!) –

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22 thoughts on “Demeo Graphics Comparison – Quest vs PC VR”

  1. I'm still confused, maybe you can help 🙂 I get what the "Quest 2 version" is, simply playing with Quest 2 from the menu that is showing after Quest 2 started. But what is "PC VR"? Do you mean the version that I get when I buy it from Oculus store, but when I use Air Link to connect my Quest 2 with my PC? Or do you mean the version I can buy on Steam, playing through "SteamVR"? Or both? It confuses me that it says nowhere in the Oculus store if I can play a specific game with Quest 2 only, or if I need Air Link (or cable) for it. Or do I see the games where I need to connect my Quest 2 to my PC in the Oculus store only when my Quest 2 is connected to my PC and I started Air Link? So many questions 🙂

  2. I bought it for quest 2 for portable but people are saying i can link the quest to my PC for better graphic settings. but how does that work? can my PC power my quest 2 purchases?


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