Demeo Review – VR Download Gamescast


Here’s what we thought about Resolution Games’ latest title, Demeo, straight from our VR Download Gamescast! Join us every Thursday for the live show where we discuss the week’s headlines and break down VR releases.

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7 thoughts on “Demeo Review – VR Download Gamescast”

  1. I currently don't have any vr friend to play this game with me. Even have, I doubt they like it or willing to spend long hour playing this game. So will I be able to enjoy to play alone?

  2. Demeo is actually one of the better VR games I own in my opinion at least based on my experience with it so far. I just hope they keep up post-launch support and allow custom player generated content for it down the line, then I'd consider it to be a must own akin to Alyx or Boneworks that I'd recommend to everyone instead of just a really, really top tier VR game that appeals to people like me who already like TRPGs.


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