Layers of Fear VR | PSVR Review


Layers of Fear finally makes its way to PlayStation VR. And while the scares are fun, the overall presentation leaves a lot to be desired. Review key provided by developer/publisher.

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37 thoughts on “Layers of Fear VR | PSVR Review”

  1. Can anyone help me get out of the sit/stand setup screen? After I make my selection, sometimes a 5 second countdown timer begins but usually disappears again before it finishes. A couple times it finished and a “continue” option appeared on the bottom but went away before I could point at it. Other times I wait and wait for the countdown timer to appear. I have no idea what I am doing wrong but it is frustrating. I’ve never gotten past it.

  2. I've got a bone to pick with the launch trailer Sony put put for this game. The footage is clearly PC gameplay capture. Are there any other PSVR trailers that did blatant false advertising like this? Am I overreacting? Idk, it bothers me just enough to want to talk about it. #viewertakeover

  3. I just sat and played through the entire game in one sitting. Enjoyed it a lot. Good value for the $$. I like a short but high quality experience and this was great. The graphics were fine.

  4. Can we talk about the fact that they are making us pay for the game again which i say is unfair for users who already paid for the screen version, we should be able to get a free upgrade just like fnaf help wanted screen mode 😡

  5. I played it in XboxOne and I always had the same idea: This game in VR will be awesome!!! Watching your video I see textures and lighting are worst than in 2D mode (even in 2D I got some low frameRate from time to time)… Is the resolution in VR poor as well or only textures/lighting (I have a PS4-Pro)? Is it only a digital version? THANKS for your channel!! :DDDDDD

  6. I already played this through with the dlc but recommend if you haven't. Review is accurate, but I played the Switch version and the graphics were probably about the same anyway haha

  7. I think you said it well: "It was the game you wanted 5 years ago"
    Doesn't mean it's bad but we have seen great games since then and this feels like it something from the past.

  8. Thanks for the review. I was thinking about buying this, but with the graphics downgraded so much, I will give it a pass. I have had enough disappointment this month finding out RE8 has no VR mode.

  9. Great review as always, Bryan!

    I can understand the need to make some graphical compromises in large open environments, but there is no excuse for major graphical downgrades in enclosed linear environments like this. Kind of disappointing.

  10. Review sounded great. Thanks! Yes, in this kind of game, graphical fidelity is important for the "experience." PA looked really good (haven't done DKT yet though).

    That PSVR games are coming out at this point — after the PS5 is out, as well as Quest 2 — it's unbelievable that PSVR games release without a Pro patch in 2021. Yeesh.

  11. Anyone know if its free for people who already own layers of fear? I really enjoyed the game when It came out but I think 20 bucks is a little much to get it "again".

  12. Thanks 🙏 Bryan
    Might wait for a sale, some better quality Psvr games on the way, I was really looking forward to this game hoping the developer would practically upgrade the game, but like you am big player in Resident Evil 7, am being fired up for saint & sinners dlc in May!! Resident Evil 8 will come to psvr soon :0)

  13. Great review bro..was looking forward to this review so I would know which way to go..Quest 2..or PSVR..mostly for control scheme and feel, but also for resolution and graphics..and as great as you did on this review..I STILL do not have an answer to sway me towards one direction or the other…'ve played both..which so you prefer?


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