VR Cover Headstrap For Quest 2 Review – One Of The BEST Headstraps For Quest 2!


VR Cover is on a roll! They are releasing more and more great accessories and this here is no exception! The VR Cover Headstrap Replacement for Quest 2 is way better than the original strap. Watch my video to find out why this is one of the best headstraps for the Quest 2!

US Store: https://bit.ly/vrcover-quest2-headstrap
EU Store: http://bit.ly/vrcover-quest2-headstrap-eu

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28 thoughts on “VR Cover Headstrap For Quest 2 Review – One Of The BEST Headstraps For Quest 2!”

  1. you should show you wearing the headstrap and playing as the main bigger picture and the VR view game as the smaller one. Cant see how the strap sits in that tiny screen

  2. I finally got this headstrap! I really love it and it's actually super comfortable. I definitely prefer it to the elite strap and the stock strap. I originally had the battery elite strap but it eventually broke so I returned it and used the credit to get the Anker charging dock. So, the one thing I've heard people say the most about this headstrap is that it looks like it would be a major pain to share it with other people, I can confirm that this is not an issue at all. If you adjust the straps right and have the one horizontal strap wrap around both the "baseball cap" and bottom strap, the only strap you'll have to adjust is the bottom strap when sharing with people. I shared my headset with my brother, my mom, and my dad. All of whom had varying head sizes. It fit on all of the perfectly fine with a simple adjustment of the bottom strap. And when I was done sharing it, I adjusted it for myself again and it was just as comfortable! I would absolutely recommend this headstrap, looks are really deceiving with this one, but it's genuinely really good and spreads the weight of the headset perfectly.

  3. Just ordered it. I'll let you know! I love the stock strap with my Anker powerpack on the back, but when I play EchoVR it sometimes feels like it'll come off. I think this will be a good solution for me to keep it on my bald head!

  4. I've been trying to buy an elite battery strap, but there are none available. I've got a DAS, but I'm not happy with it. It is just too clunky and still leaves the Quest front heavy (on my head anyway). At this price, it is worth giving the VR Cover strap a try whether it is better than the DAS or not.

  5. You did a really excellent job with this review Sebastian. VRCover sent me a box of products to review for the Quest 2 a few weeks ago, and this was in the box, but it looked way too complicated to put together so I ignored it. Following your video, I put it together with no issues at all, and I agree it's a lot more comfortable than the original stock soft strap. It's actually even better for me than the elite strap as I can more easily adjust the headset to get the perfect viewing position without wrestling with those rigid plastic arms. Finally, it pulls the headset so close to my face I get a nice little FOV boost!

  6. Servus, ich habe eine Frage zur Reverb G2 meine 1. (die ich leider zurück geschickt hatte da der Controller defekt war) hatte in dunkleren Räumen leichte Steifen wenn das Licht von oben kam. Ich dachte die Linsen sind beschlagen, jetzt habe ich schon meine 3. und beide haben nicht nur 2 Steifen es sind viele das es schon Flächen sind, die von außen nach innen strahlen. Wenn die Lichtquelle von oben oder der Seite kommt, dort ist das Bild auch nicht schaft, man sieht es sehr gut im Mixed Reality Cinema wenn man vor der Öffnung in der Decke steht. Wenn man dann den Text liest und nicht 100% gerade aus sieht ist er nicht mehr scharf. Ist das normal bei diesen Linsen, ist das bei der Index auch so??? In Skyrim and Elite Dangerous stört es wenn man ständig diese strahlen sieht. Vielen Dank im voraus.

  7. Good video. The only issue I have with the material straps is hygiene, they soak up sweat while playing thrill of the fight or fitxr. Same reason I replaced my facial interface with a pu leather one, easy to clean with a quick wipe.


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