SideQuest VR Game Reviews for Oculus Quest Episode #4


Hello everyone welcome to Lipnox SQ the show where we focus on games, applications, and tech demos released on SideQuest for the Oculus Quest Virtual reality headset.

On todays episode we have an amazing snowboarding experience, a vr remix to brick breaker, some new concepts control in vr and much more!


Chuck ‘Em Bowling – SSR07


TruckMarks VR – Quest test? – ElectricBlackSheep

Head Position Locomotion for QuakeQuest – RomamoramenTo

VRteka Art Museum – vrtim

Public Speaking Experiment – Aneeba

Slowp – BunnyJoker

BangSquash – László Leber $3 USD (on itch)

Intro music done by Death Vacation find them at

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Please note that when recording some games on the Oculus Quest some stuttering and performance hiccups can arise and framerate issues you may spot in the videos are likely partially to blame for this. All Games were reviewed on an Oculus Quest Headset and appear on the SideQuest website.

All included Reviews in this video are done by Lipnox VR

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