The Exorcist: Legion VR HORROR STREAM | Full Playthrough On Oculus Quest 2


David is back with a spooky dose of VR HORROR today on Oculus Quest 2. He’s aiming to play through the entirety of, or at least most of, The Exorcist: Legion VR all on Quest! Do you think he has what it takes to get through it all? Let’s find out!

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Here is our launch day stream featuring a bunch of other Quest native games that have been enhanced for Quest 2:

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16 thoughts on “The Exorcist: Legion VR HORROR STREAM | Full Playthrough On Oculus Quest 2”

  1. Watching you play the baby level was sooooo painful. I had to stop watching. Is it always a live stream? Maybe you should edit the videos before you post em on YouTube. Wasn't a fan that you were constantly stating the obvious all the time either… Lol

  2. i am playing with cable to pc. game has been bought through steam and i cant answer to fking radio. Is there anyone who can tell me how the hell directly can solve this issue? otherwise i have to request for refunding

  3. The salt theory started as of course early christians would use salt peter to chemically castrate men to cure or exorcise the incubus or even succubus . A holy man would not object to the use of it while a heathen would object and more than likely be accused of being possessed . The lore of it's powers had since been changed as later christians would historically deny such uses and it's magic has been changed accordingly as the mention of sexuality had become even more shunned by Puritans .


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