KIWI Design Face Cover Vs Silicone for VR EXERCISE (OCULUS QUEST Virtual Reality Accessories Review)


I love Thrill of the fight (check my channel if you want to see me play it). But wow it gets you sweaty! The Stock Oculus Quest Face Cover is fine for normal play but not so good with sweat. I got a cheap silicone cover and the Kiwi Design cover set to see which one is best. I also tried the Kiwi design face covers whilst playing a bit of Pavlov.

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17 thoughts on “KIWI Design Face Cover Vs Silicone for VR EXERCISE (OCULUS QUEST Virtual Reality Accessories Review)”

  1. You can wash the foam in the sink with some baby shampoo.. squeeze it all over with a towel & let dry…which is what I've been doing.. till I squeezed it too hard & crack it by the nose 😒

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  3. I know this video is old but if you remove the facial interface and fit the silicon one on properly, it is held in place when you clip the interface back in. That way it stays in place and looks better. I got mine from Aliexpress for about four quid, it's good enough for workout games.

  4. Hi there. Got a question about these facial interfaces. I have 6 little Cavalier king Charles spaniels dog who are at present molting. As much as I clean and vacuum there are tiny little hairs around the place. These hairs seem to stick to the foam of the stock interface. Its driving me mad as the minute little hairs are tickling my nose and face. Every time i try and use my quest I'm constantly having to take it off to try and find the hairs. I've started using cello tape wrapped around my fingers to gently remove the hairs which is helping but my question is do you have any idea how i can prevent the hairs sticking as its totally spoiling my games to the point I've mostly stopped using my quest.. Maybe a different type of interface that's smooth and sleek. I hope you can help as you have tried so many different items for the oculus quest 2.. Many thank. Nicola

  5. It looks like youve got like a neoprene material that is going around your lenses and over the nose. Is that just part of the original quest? Or an accessory?

  6. hi – you mentioned that you didnt notice more airflow with the vents… I have one of the Kiwi and found that if I inhale deeply through my nose and exhale through my mouth that the vents on top wash the lenses and prevent steaming… at least for me…. I agree that there appears to be more cheek pressure… It seems that the best focus is pointing up a bit more than the stock faceplate.
    I tried the silicon as well…. I keep it for when I have guests that want to try… I also use the individual eye masks for guests – we joke about them as face condoms.


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