Oculus Quest Real VR Fishing Review – The Way VR Fishing Was Meant To Be


Today on BMF I have an Oculus Quest Real VR Fishing review for you! Will this game hook you and reel you in?

Watch the video to find out!

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28 thoughts on “Oculus Quest Real VR Fishing Review – The Way VR Fishing Was Meant To Be”

  1. Why is it that most VR reviews never touch on microtrandactions information????? Hate it when I purchase a game and there's a bunch of content hidden behind pay walls

  2. Is there a way to control YouTube while having your rod casted? It’s frustrating when I can’t pause the video while I have a fish on the line.

  3. I love the game! But can't seem to take a picture while fishing, I press the A button twice, I see me and the fish I caught, then press the trigger to take picture but no good, can you help?

  4. I tried this game and got "hooked" immediately!..you too will have a "reel" good time playing it….this is also a game that anyone can "tackle".My brother "Rod" played it one time and got "lured" into purchasing it for his Oculus quest 2…There is nothing "fishy" going on either because you could "line" this game up against any other VR fishing game and it will hold its own.

  5. I am stuck on player level four and it’s not that it’s hard to catch fish I’ve been plying for a while and have the difficulty up so each fish gives 100 exp I’m guessing it’s a big do you or anyone here know how to fix it


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