Vitus Nucleus 27 VR | Hardtail Of The Year 2019 | Up To £500 | Mountain Bike Rider


What can we say about the Vitus Nucleus 27 VR that’s not been said? As winner of this test four years in a row, its accolades say everything.

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With modern geometry and the best build kit for the money, no other bike in the sub £500 category even comes close to rivalling it’s supremacy, the attitude and ride quality of the Vitus having more in common with the £1K bikes.

And just as other bands start to creep up, Vitus always seems to be one step ahead. Last year the Nucleus frame saw major revisions; like lightweight butted tubing, which, combined with updated geometry made this little ripper slacker, longer and even more capable than before. Vitus also added a much-needed size XL, so taller rides don’t need to settle for second best.

This year Vitus hasn’t messed with its winning formula, but it’s still inching ahead with wider profile WTB rims, offering improved tubeless performance, and better compatibility with the latest crop of wider tyres.


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49 thoughts on “Vitus Nucleus 27 VR | Hardtail Of The Year 2019 | Up To £500 | Mountain Bike Rider”

  1. im trying to find a good hardtail and have found the vitus nucleus 27 vr exept the one that i have been seeing is different to the one in the vid because there is only 1 gear on the front instead of two and other small things

  2. Vitus Nucleus is selling for £550 now guess there will be a new £500 king. shame why would they destroy their legacy ?

    Edit: 6 days after i posted this comment they have increased the price by a further £50 to £599, they really are milking people during this pandemic.

  3. LONG TERM REVIEW, vitus rear hubs where destroyed after a few months (2 x riders in are group on nuclues) due to pandamic had to get any 135×10 replacement they could find (all be it mavic/dt swiss depending on budget) CRC was more than useless on warranty and they was treated like criminals when speaking to customer support, the Pinnacle kapur 2 however had Shimano branded hubs which have survived a service and taken the same local trials as the vitus, also a sub £375 GT aggressor on the group rides had same hub issues

  4. comparing this bike to the Sentier 1400 bike would you be able to integrate some of the components to make it better without spending that kind of money I mean tyre choice, rotors, brakes,forks chain etc . . .im in the mkt for a new bike in the spring and I'm on the fence with the vitus (either this or the sentier and the nuke proof scout 275)

    is the frame the same as the Sentier if it is then I'm guessing I could swap out certain components over time.
    I've had a Scott scale 60 for a few years now and while I love it, that is an older machine and now I want better spec for my money and the thought of better geometry drive components and deff the forks are to me very appealing now.

    Im not looking to upgrade just for the sake of it.

    would the sentier or this bike along with the scout be a really viable upgrade over the scott

    please help !!!

  5. The new one has just been released and for 2021 they have a read mech with clutch and 180mm rotor up front. Seemed they listened :).

    Plus the nardo grey this year looks awesome.

    Oh and Wiggle have them in stock at the moment.

  6. Torn between the Calibre TwoCubed vs Specialized Rockhopper, Whyte 603 and Vitus Nucleus 29 VR!?!?! Excluded the Pinnacle Kapur2 and Saracen Mantra. Which would you pick and why? Thinkint sub 500 class! Found the Rockhopper for 425 quid seems like a great price.

  7. I've got the option of buying this brand new for £650. In that price range is it still worth it or should I look for something else? So much stuff is not in stock atm though. Dont know whether i should wait until 2021 stock with £650 or whether this vitus nucleus 27 is worth it??

  8. Love this bike i have the 29er I did upgrade to a Deore 1×10 drivetrain for the clutch, extended the travel to 120 on the fork and put oil in the lowers which made a huge difference in smoothness. Looking for a dropper post now and It’ll be perfect.

  9. Appreciate the content. I plan to get one as well . 2 questions tho that I’m looking to get answered:

    They’re sold out everywhere , when and where can I pick up a Vitus bike?

    I’m 5’11 180 pounds: medium or large frame?

    Hope you can answer these, any recommendations will help!


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