Toyota Celica GT 360° VR Car Review | Car S.O.S


Step inside the 1972 Toyota Celica GT with this 360 Virtual Reality video. Tim and Fuzz take this classic car for a ride #CarSOS #VR #360video

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Take one cherished car that has seen better days, add an owner in need of a helping hand. Fuzz Townshend and Tim Shaw secretly whisk the wheels away to a well equipped workshop before surprising the unsuspecting owner with their newly restored classic.

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1972 Toyota Celica GT 360° VR Car Review | Car S.O.S
Car SOS VR 360 Virtual Reality Car Review


15 thoughts on “Toyota Celica GT 360° VR Car Review | Car S.O.S”

  1. This is a 360 VR video. For the best experience watch with headphones plugged in on mobile or with a Google Cardboard. Move your mobile device to look around. If you are watching on a desktop browser you can drag the screen using your mouse. #VR #360VR #YouTubeVR

  2. In Australia we've been spoiled with Japanese and, more recently ,South Korean vehicles and it all started in the early 70s with Japan. Have had Mazdas and Kias for a long time. Wouldn't touch Euro vehicles myself. Good to see another Japanese survivor.

  3. The more info you get from the car the more relaxed you can feel, especially when its all showing everything is fine that's why I like all the dials of course modern cars show tyre pressures and light bulbs out too, on the downside its irritating to be constantly reminded when something isn't right, cruise control and six gears so much the better.

  4. The amazing things about this car hasn't been mentioned. The diff is a 10 bolt unit that can manage upward if 400 HP. It came equipped wit AC. It had courtesy lights in the doors. That 2TG Twin Cam can be severely modified to 2 liter which will produce over 200 HP with massive torque and over 9000 rpm. It is a proper platform for a fast street car.


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