VR Show – Sunday Hangout Livestream – Pimax 5k plus and 8k Reviews Discussion


Cheers Guys!

Welcome to the VR Show Sunday Hangout Livestream. This is where we hang out and talk about all things VR related!

Today’s livestream was all about Pimax 5k+, Pimax 8k. We discuss thoughts post lifting of the non disclosure.

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22 thoughts on “VR Show – Sunday Hangout Livestream – Pimax 5k plus and 8k Reviews Discussion”

  1. It was live so made a few gaffes…didnt finish entire thought on super sampling I say it tricks the display meant to say but went off on another tangent that it uses a trick whereby it internally renders a higher resolution version of the image…

    Apologies for any confusion! For future livestreams ill try to temper my enthusiasm and slow down to answer questions more thoroughly!

  2. You can get a 1080TI used on Reddit buy/sell for $470 bones. Also, for reviews, VoodooDE VR has (I think) one of the best most honest reviews out there though it is in German but its subtitled. There's a ton of good stuff in there and I personally think its more impartial for a review.

  3. Great show, very disappointed in the 8k pimax and feel it was always going to be a long stretch to deliver on. That said, the 5k is defo the sweet spot and will hold off till the testing starts to find the best graphics card for the job!

  4. NVlink is our only hope other than eye tracked foveated rendering in the Pimax generation. I have a 2080ti preordered and i have serious doubts that even that will pull through with the 5k+.

  5. Hi pal. I have just built a beast of a gaming rig and on the fence about buying an Oculus Rift. My question is do you think it's worth buying a rift now were nearing the end of 2018 ? I have a PS VR already. There are a lot of stuff on the Rift that is not available on the PS VR for instance Alien Isolation and so fourth. Hope you can advise and help dude

  6. People should not be such haters on Pimax and wish them the best success because with their success it will only spur the other big companies to think outside the box and move VR in the forward direction it needs to go. Wider field of view and clearer picture.

  7. Hey Epyx have you run into any vr apps available or in development that allow PSVR games to be played on PC? More and more interesting vr games and vr conversions of older playstation games are coming out and I fear a repeated pattern where console exclusive games stay exclusive with little to no chance of porting to PC. The only difference being that it is on the VR front now.

  8. your description of what super sampling does is off. it doesn't trick the display. it's completely about increasing the odds of picking a color for each pixel that best represents the desired image.

  9. 5K would be good, I might wait a year or so as I just got wireless and it doesn't make sense to upgrade now. I'm hoping Acer is going to do something with the StarVR tech or release the StarVR to public, something tells me build quality issues when it comes to the Pimax but if it turns out good over the year I'll get one if nothing else is released.

  10. "Chris​I dont get why it takes so much power. I supersample way over 1440p with the vive without problems. Whats the difference?"
    The main difference is that when you increase the FOV, you increase the number of polygons to be rendered and shaded, by a lot. It's more important than the pixel or resolution factor.

  11. If 155 fov for pimax is sweet spot, its better to get cv2 with 140 fov with distortion free and OLED screen. 15 fov difference is no big deal for me. VR Cover thin foam can make 140 into 155 fov. Im just gonna use pimax 5k until cv2 come out. Oculus is the company we must support if you care about vr market. Big player Sony ,oculus will spend lot of money with game developers to bring triple A title game. Pimax, Starvr will only focus selling vr headset with big margin.

  12. SweViver has a lot of pics showing the 8K, 5K+, Odyssey and Vive side-by-side and it is a slam dunk for the 5k+. The difference between the 8K and 5K is as big as the difference between the 8K and the Odyssey. I think their is something wrong with the 8k's upscaling and they will improve it. But until I see evidence they fixed it the 5k it is. But I'm in no rush either, I would need a new system, a 2080 Ti, a Pimax 5K+ lighthouses 2.0 and controllers–ouch!

  13. Just watching the stream back and catching up. I have to maybe go against the grain myself. I think the 'Gold rush' for resolution and the associated 'Marketing' that goes with that, is not good for VR right now. It's way too early, way too rushed IMO. It's all part of the throw away/want it right now society we live in I guess.
    We have to remember, most gamers (On monitors) still largely game at 1080P and like to hit 60FPS. Here we are after one or two years of VR actually having come back (For good IMO), some people are struggling to hit 90FPS with their current hardware, some people are lucky to be able to achieve it. And yet we have people/manufacturers reaching for upscaled 8K. It's crazy.
    What we needed was an incremental amalgamation of the things we learnt from the Vive, Rift and similar, that better balanced with current GPU hardware etc.
    The Vive pro for example…Could have maybe integrated the wireless, stayed with the nice little resolution bump, gone for better lenses, maybe a slight FOV increase and actually have been priced better. That! would have helped the VR adoption curve rise more steadily and strongly IMO, rather than chasing crazy resolutions from unheard of and none established manufacturers.
    Edit: Personally I'm a little worried about 'PC' VR becoming more of a minority than it already is if the chase for crazy numbers continues. I think 'Console' VR will likely improve the way I mentioned above, with incremental improvements on the HMD's that people can just plug in and go!
    The amount of times I've said to friends, "Oh I wish you could have a Vive too", but then here I am struggling to run some games at 'Good' settings on a £2.5K PC! My friends ain't ever going to enter into the World of VR via PC. Whereas, most of them already have a PS4 sat there…


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