Lenovo Mirage Solo Review – Good, Standalone Roomscale VR?


It’s been a long time coming, but mobile VR with roomscale, inside-out tracking is finally available via Google’s Daydream OS on the Lenovo Mirage Solo. $399 is the entry price for the Mirage Solo, and the package includes everything you’ll need, without the requirement of hooking up a smartphone to the headset, or plugging it into an expensive PC or gaming console. In fact, there’s no wires, cameras or other tracking devices to install either, just drop it on your head and go. Does it live up to the hype? Is it really worth $399? Find out in our review!

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18 thoughts on “Lenovo Mirage Solo Review – Good, Standalone Roomscale VR?”

  1. I thought I was gonna get the Go but this seems too good to be true. 6dof and if you've ever played virtual virtual reality. It's a done deal. This is it! And it's only 400 dollars. You can use rift cat to hook it up to a PC. The GO is good for consumers. But we'll have to wait for the Santa Cruz their controllers might be what beat this headset. But I've seen Google working on 6dof with the one controller so it's anybody's game


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