HP ZBook 17 G4 Review: Best laptop for VR, editing, 3D, C4D, Maya, Premiere, After Effects


Here is my review of the ZBook 17 G4 Mobile Workstation, HP’s most powerful and expandable mobile workstation. Full benchmarking data (such as Cinebench and others) will be published in a separate article I wrote for Computer Shopper which will appear on their website in a few days. In the meantime, please read my review for the ZBook 15 which is live now (and contains full specs).

Here is the link for the Computer Shopper review:

Don’t forget to check back in a few days for the ZBook 17 review.

Pricing info: The ZBook 17 G4 has a starting Price of $1,529. The cost of the machine as described in the video above is around
$6,059, but actual price will probably be lower.

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20 thoughts on “HP ZBook 17 G4 Review: Best laptop for VR, editing, 3D, C4D, Maya, Premiere, After Effects”

  1. Do you have a tutorial on how to install an SSD into the empty slot underneath this specific machine? And if not, do you know where I could find an in-depth tutorial on the matter? I've been trying to find one and so far have had no luck.

  2. By the way, another thing I'd like to tell you is the fact that while a fast 1TB SSD is really nice, it wouldn't actually appeal to me because it is really expensive. I would rather use something called an SSHD, which is a type of drive that uses an SSD as it cache, basically providing the perfect balance of the huge storage of a hard drive, and getting pretty close to the speeds of an SSD. Luckily the 2.5 inch hard drive bays makes up for that. I would actually much rather have the NVME SSD as the Windows boot drive and then have everything else. THe options that HP provides are nice, but they're quite expensive and I'd rather buy the storage drives separately.

    Also, 16GB of memory on a graphics card seems really overkill for me, especially the most memory I might have in a graphics card is probably 8 GB. Not a big deal though

    Also, a 4K Display is really nice, but it is quite Expensive for me. A 1080p display isn't as good as the 4K display, but I would have that over the 4K display any day. Although I wished it actually had a 2560 x 1440 screen.

    Also, one more thing about that "up to 4 terabytes of storage" thing: if you can get your hands in a 2TB NVME SSD made by Samsung, and have 2 terabytes worth of laptop hard drive storage, you could theoretically get close to 6 terabytes of storage.

  3. I have a question please !! Can I put my ssds (2tb Samsung 960 pro for an example) ? And can I add more ram to 16gb ram ?????
    I am curious as of how much can I upgrade the 16gb version without having to buy from HP exclusively

  4. Nice presentation but where are the benchmarks? Cinebench? Saying that it performs great is vague. Compared to what? I am somewhat baffled that a video about a professional product does not contain any facts about its performance.

  5. Also, the Zbook 17 is also suitable for anyone who just wants a big screen on a laptop. because there are lots of options for the CPUs and graphics cards. So of course, this is great for anyone who just wants a big laptop.

    In fact, I didn't to buy the HP Z turbo drive because it's way too expensive for me. Thankfully the Zbook 17 is insanely customizable, allowing you to change the RAM and add more storage as needed. I'm just using it for video editing and playing games.

    My configuration: i7 7700hq quad core, 32GB DDR4 RAM, Quadro P3000 6GB, 1080p display (because I don't do intensive video editing) and 2x 1TB hard drive.

  6. Awesome Review ! By the way yall, some of those HIGH-END features that he mentioned in this vid like the HP Dreamcolor 4K display or the NVIDIA Quadro 5000 has to be bought only through the customizable section on the HP website. Nobody sells it that features those high end add-ons, so its those extra features on top how much you have to pay already which is ALOT ! That part sucks in my opinion.

  7. As you pointed out, since you actually said you were going to feature some VR announcements in the video, have you ever heard of the Z VR backpack? It is a VR backpack used for VR content creation.


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