Pimax 8k Hands-On Review: The High-End VR Revolution Is Here!


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The Pimax 8k is the world’s first 8k VR headset! At the VR Days exhibition in Amsterdam I had the chance to go hands-on! This is my review of the Pimax 8k as seen at VR Days with prototype model v2 of the headset!

Here is the Pimax kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pimax8kvr/pimax-the-worlds-first-8k-vr-headset

Colorblind glasses video: https://youtu.be/m1X0QTTtPmc
SDE comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aHIsPSzmng

Music: Ryan Little – Stuck


26 thoughts on “Pimax 8k Hands-On Review: The High-End VR Revolution Is Here!”

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  2. Hard hitting questions. this is exactly the kind of conversation we should be having. getting a representative to commit on certain fundamental specifications. I think it's justified with the price tags, money earned and general risk involved. you did a really good job reporting this, and I wouldn't change your approach. you should do more interviews

  3. Pimax 8K or StarVR One? Please help me choose. And when will these be available? And are there any other next gen headsets coming out to choose from with better FOV? Sorry for all the questions…

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  5. There will be contact lenses with wireless technology and ultra realistic graphics in our lifetime. Maybe within the next 20 years. Its all a matter of time. However it will all boil down to getting past ''Health and safety''. There hasnt been a technological breakthrough since the 50's with the advent of theComputer chip. However, that could have been as the result of the crashed roswell ship where we got our hands on the drip fed technology we see today. But we wont get into that right now as that seems crazy right ?? Anyway, we are due a leap in technology very soon.

  6. The screen door effect is going to be around for a while. They're gonna need to go to crazy resolutions to completely eliminate it. I mean, your eyes are like 2-3 inches from the screen after all.

  7. China is great in making vr headset why is that ..? If japan will do the same maybe japan can make a better vr headset than any other high end vr headset out there since japan is the number one in producing electronics product

  8. As everyone has mentioned the cpu. Power for high settings seems to be a problem

    To me the solution for high resolution isn’t 4K 8k screens etc.

    It’s foveated rendering. LG and i think google have a big announcement coming in May 2018 regarding this and a screen they have developed

    My hunch is by the time pimax ships these the foveated headsets will be not that far off..

    Tech moves fast these days

  9. There's something about Pimax as a company that rubs me the wrong way.
    But I really hope that they deliver with this product. It would be a win for everyone.

  10. What about display response time?
    Did you play space pirate trainer out any other critical game?

    The contrast must be lower than on the oled hmds. You sound way too positive compared to any other review you did before.

  11. You have really me convinced!I was on the verge to order Samsung Odyssey for next week(import in France) but I will have to pass and wait many more months for this one.Meanwhile while not perfect I have a Gear VR for Note 4 that I will use from time to time


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