Demeo Is A VR Tabletop Dungeon Crawler And It's AWESOME


I check out Demeo using the Oculus Quest 2 in this gameplay and review video! Demeo is a turn based tabletop dungeon crawling adventure which can be played solo or as a group of four co-operatively. Demeo releases on the 6th May on Quest, Quest 2 and Steam. It will be coming to Rift and as a flat version on Steam in the near future.

00:00 – Intro
01:41 – Demeo Gameplay
14:19 – Demeo First Boss Fight
20:32 – Demeo Review
23:55 – Demeo Limited Edition Unboxing

Check out Demeo VR on Oculus Quest here;

Check out Demeo VR on Steam here;

You can look for players to play Demeo together in the Demeo Discord here;

Let me know what you think of Demeo in the comments below. Do you plan to play Demeo on Oculus Quest or PC VR?

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29 thoughts on “Demeo Is A VR Tabletop Dungeon Crawler And It's AWESOME”

  1. Is the almost HD quality resolution I'm looking at a product of the video capture or do you have some black magic you're using to make it look this good in the headset?

  2. I keep hearing people say that sorcerer is useless but the aoe spells and even just the basic stun spell are op, the ability to lock down a monster of high risk and make it simply unable to fight back while also still being able to physically attack is extremely useful. Plus spells like fireball, freeze,banish, are very useful. And if you know how to use your spells you can be unstoppable, for example me and my team were surrounded by monster coming at us through a door. I used void to drag them back into that door and also plant them on an oil lamp so they got burned and then used magic wall to keep them there while we escaped.

  3. I’m still waiting for an invite to the zoom call for the chance to win a Quest 2:) on your launch stream:))Please change my life and send me a oculus quest 2. I’ve never tried vr except for what like 7 years ago when I got a free google cardboard that you but your phone into to use the Volvo app. But I have slot of RL issues and I understand most do. But I figured why not try and ask:) maybe you some up today on a bright side and get lucky. I’ve been so excited to get a headset for years, but my issues consume all my money at any cost. Thanks fir the consideration and I absolutely love all your hard work. It’s amazing how good you’re able to capture my attention and interest. I haven’t enjoyed watching soMe one in a very very long time. So thanks you GREATLY!’ Just thank you

  4. Would be cool if there was a mode where you could walk around and move your characters while you're on the map. Would definitely help with neck strain and would be a cool perspective to be able to switch back and forth from


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