Doom 3: VR Edition | PSVR Review


Doom 3 is nearly two decades old, and despite a less than stellar PlayStation VR port the game still holds up admirably.

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37 thoughts on “Doom 3: VR Edition | PSVR Review”

  1. Are they telling me that the PS4 isn't capable of running a game from 2004 at full quality 60fps in PSVR? I'm calling BS on this, what a lazy port of what's probably the 3D version of Doom 3.

  2. 20$ so I bought it. For me 6,5/10 with aim controller. I really hope that they will patch weird scale of npc's. I am waiting for Sniper Elite VR , hoping for Resident 8 VR support and of course cant wait for PSVR 2.0 cause since I discovered vr 4 years ago I bearly play flatscreen games… cheers everybody!

  3. I don't think cutscenes are a con, Doom 3 has just a few of them and they last just a couple of seconds anyway.
    World scale and resolution should be the main complaints.
    If Doom 3 can run on the Quest 2, I see no reason for the PS4 to struggle with it, definitely needs a patch.

  4. This gives me high hopes that some day I'll get to play Wolfenstein The New Order in VR. Ducking behind cover while being absolutely pelted by Nazi super soldier's bullets, sneaking around and taking out commandants before unleashing hell on the rest of their soldiers…I would be able to die a happy man

  5. These comments are really insightful. How certain games would make the jump to VR and work. I recently went for a job with Sega (Unfortunately didn't get the job). One of the reasons that got me excited is looking at the franchises that could make the jump to VR. After Burner, Hang On, House of the Dead, Out Run, Space Harrier, Virtua Cop is just some I believe that would work in VR. Franchises that haven't been used for years that put into that VR format brings new experiences to the table. Has well making money for Sega in which is layed dormant.

    I have been playing Video games since the Atari and to my own experience, VR is nearly or equally on par with the jump from 2D to 3D. It really is staggering. That shock and pleasure playing Mario 64 is just enjoyable playing Astro bots. VR gaming is now and the future of gaming.

    Great review. Keep up the good work guys. 🎮

  6. NPC scaling is way off? What did they do, put the eyes too far apart so your head seems bigger? That's a shame. I tried an experimental render on VR environments with my own game code, with the eyes really close and far apart. The difference is really subtle image-wise, but you can definitely tell when it's wrong. They should have just put the eyes 2.5" apart in the game world.

  7. ok yah anyone why loves doom 2016 may not like doom 3 vr the game plays more like the real original doom youknow the 95 version doom was never supposed to be like the 2016 version true both are fun just try to remember the original doom was never an incredibly fast paste run and gun more mid to slow pase depending on how fast you want to beat the game sadly doom 2016 and up have one speed vary vary fast


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