Star Wars Pinball VR Is A Star Wars Collectors Dream


I check out Star Wars Pinball VR on the Oculus Quest 2 using Oculus Airlink! Star Wars Pinball VR releases on 29th April on Oculus Quest, Quest 2 , Steam and PSVR. It features 8 pinball tables from the Star Wars Universe including tables based on Star Wars A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return Of The Jedi and even The Mandalorian!

00:00 – Intro
01:17 – Fan Cave Tour
04:20 – Mandalorian Table
09:28 – Empire Strikes Back Table
14:09 – Star Wars Collectibles Table
17:03 – Outro

Check out Star Wars Pinball VR on Oculus Quest & Quest 2 here;

Check out Star Wars Pinball VR on Steam here;

Check out Star Wars Pinball VR on PSVR here;

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25 thoughts on “Star Wars Pinball VR Is A Star Wars Collectors Dream”

  1. I bought it with the May 4th bundle. It’s fun briefly in short plays but 🤷🏻‍♂️. The man cave isn’t real so I could care less and the pinball is really good it’s just missing leaning on the cabinet feel. It is however massively better than any pc pinball. Side games are just bad.

  2. I've never played this game yet since I haven't touched my quest much but I'm very surprised about this. I thought it was just gonna be a pinball game that was $25. But seeing all the stuff you can do to your hub to make it a star wars man cave with the mini games, I can definitely now see the love put into this game like vader immortal and tales from the galaxies edge. Also, part 2 was revealed to be releasing soon which I'm excited about. I wish I could get a quest 2 to get all the detail but I don't have the money, plus the only reason for me to buy it is for resident evil but maybe they'll make another version that could be cheaper or even more powerful. The quest is definitely gonna be one of the biggest vr consoles and I most definitely hope it goes even farther with games and graphics.

  3. IRL Pinball machines based on The Mandalorian have been revealed, with no images of Cara Dune.
    Oddly enough this VR rendition has her. I wonder if they'll remove her in a later patch.

  4. Hey Mike. This reminded me about The community working on Virtual Pinball. I went down the rabbit hole of looking into building a physical cabinet with 4k display as a playfield and every pinball game ever made lovingly recreated by a huge community of pinball fans. It is quite technical to get running, but so cool.
    There is a whole sub community making VR "rooms" to play these games in Virtual Reality.
    Definitely worth spending a few hours or days looking into.

    Virtual Pinball X

  5. But what I am seeing is that the Flippers aren't analog, meaning that the sticks that you control that hit the ball always move with same force, they don't react on how hard you press the button? I was also excited for the Senran Kagura pinball game on switch, but same with the flippers… that was a big con that makes it less fun

  6. Really enjoy your videos. Just got my quest 2 yesterday. Love it already. But your videos are very relaxing and you have a calm contagious nature about you. Very refreshing. I'm already a ping pong beast of anyone wants some comp.. OcumanSZ

  7. ugh! you never said which button to hit to enter the "low-level" with the flippers! Nor the button to hit to activate which Force Power….also, what is the difference in Powers and Talents? So many unanswered questions….

  8. How do you add more than one helmet to each shelf of the rotatable shelf by the land speeder? I can only add one helmet on each shelf but I see two on here!


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