SWARM QUEST 2 GAMEPLAY // Spiderman, Space Invaders & Jet Set Radio VR // SWARM VR First Impressions


Today is like Christmas for Oculus Quest 2 owners, we have 3 amazing new Quest games out today & the first one we’re taking a look at is Swarm VR, a high octane, high energy, VR shoot em up that makes you feel like Spiderman in VR! Swarm VR is a VR arcade shooter that gives players a grappling hook & gun in each hand, they’re then thrown into a colourful, chaotic world filled with enemy robots that need annihilating, the only way to do this is to swing as fast and as high as possible whilst dodging their attacks and blowing them to pieces. It is CRAZY FUN! If you want a Spiderman Quest 2 simulator or a Space Invaders VR game then SWARM has you covered.

In this Swarm VR first impressions / Swarm VR review video I’ll be showcasing gameplay from a selection of levels and a couple of boss fights, I didn’t want to spoil all the surprises that this chaotic VR shooter has up it’s sleeves but I did want to show you enough to give you a good impression of exactly what this game is. The first thing I have to emphasise is the fact that I felt no motion sickness whilst playing this Swarm Quest 2 / Swarm VR Quest 2 gameplay, none what so ever. The development team have done an incredible job of making the game fast, fluid and action packed whilst simultaneously not making it vomit enducing. I’d be interested to hear other peoples experience but I for one was pleasantly surprised but just how good this feels to play even at the most hectic of moments.

Those looking for VR shooter games or a VR arcade shooter that they can sink hours into chasing high scores and completing all the optional objectives should definitely pay Swarm some attention, it feels poised to be extremely popular and more pick up and play experiences will always be welcome for the Oculus Quest / Oculus Quest 2 and VR in general. Dive in and pretend this is Spiderman VR, blast those robots like this is a Space Invaders VR game and finally spend your time marvelling at the visuals, which look very reminiscent of Jet Set Radio!

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  1. Iam struggling with the grappling I had 1 game where I was doing great and it felt amazing then I was back to struggling I just seem to be hovering mid way and not getting any height are there any tips anywhere

  2. Just wish there was a multi player mode up to 2 to possibly 3 people just to see the chaos it would bring lol

    Ik it would be game breaking but just think of the teamwork and crazy gameplay it would bring to the already intense gameplay it has


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