HP Reverb G2 VR Headset 45 Day Review & Lessons Learned


HP Reverb G2 VR Headset 45 Day Review & Lessons Learned. Here are my thoughts on the ground breaking #HPReverbG2 #VR headset after using it for 45 days. I also share important things I’ve learned along the way that can help you if you’re considering this device. #review.


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34 thoughts on “HP Reverb G2 VR Headset 45 Day Review & Lessons Learned”

  1. it's so funny how some people can have ZERO setup Problems and Others like ME have TOTAL SETUP FAILURE. You did not say but I'll ask. From the very 1st did you plug the headset into the USB HUB in your Video? Did you try to plug into the Computers Motherboard USB Ports? HP G2 plugged into my Gigabyte x570 Gaming x Motherboard (ALL USB PORTS FAILED) BIOS flashed up to date DRIVERS ALL Up To Date. It just will never work on that Motherboard 3.0 USB Ports. For $600.00 each unit HP Should be shipping the added computer parts with the unit to make it work 1 Internal USB Port Card was the FIX. Same 3.0 USB (with a Class C) ports just not integrated into the Motherboard. I love the Resolution it's way better then my Rift S last gen. I just wish the HP G2 had the BUILD and DESIGN QUALITY the Rift S has. LOL I paid 600 dollars for a State of the Art VR headset made out of CHEAP CHINA BRITTLE Plastic it's so 3rd world Quality and yet it's the BEST RESOLUTION 600 dollars can buy lol HP: Gamers will pay for anything Lets rip them off.

  2. I also upgraded to this from a CV1, I took off the wayyy too thick and narrow original plastic face gasket which drastically reduce your FOV and replaced it with a VR Cover Samsung Odyssey plus PU leather and foam adapter. The gain in FOV is phenomenal and comfort is great (there's a how to video on it MRTV channel).
    100% with you on the controllers, they could be a lot better and the Index switch is too costly and tedious, HP should fix those for the price they sell the Reverb G2, but I'm over the top happy with the purchase. I was on the fence between a index and this and I picked the right one.
    Edit: You can also buy prescription glasses that fits on your lens for like $100 (yes from an optometrist who uses your eye exam prescription) for that G2 for those needing glasses 😉

  3. you recovered 65% of the cost? Who is that poor soud that paid more than 150 bucks for the CV1 and sensors, when the Rift S new is 299? 🙂

  4. So…stick with the Oculus Cv1 until they come out with better headsets. ✔ Because I have been on the Cv1 for 4+ years and can wait a tad bit longer for less compromises. The smaller fov kills it for me. It is used for iRacing.

  5. Thanks great video because you did exactly the same as me haha! I still have my CV1 though! 😀 I don't know about breakout box for colour reproduction. My system has a USB-C port on the motherboard and it's been fine. Colours I have to say are super natural – it's clear Asobo developed VR using this headset! Also I have mixed feelings about reprojection – what you said is spot on, but reprojection works well too if you know how to get the most out of it, and looking around the cockpit is totally smooth unlike with repro off and its judders but the trade off is you loose image clarity. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for the video!

    Did you feel confident enough in your G2 to not pick up the HP Carepack to extend the warranty? Do you think it will last 3-4 years?

  7. Ive had quite a few issues with my G2 in terms of audio switching/cutting out, games crashing when opening up the home, and massive stuttering in the SteamVR home.

    Ive somewhat fixed the audio issues with Nvidia drivers and crap, but im hoping software updates for SteamVR and Microsoft mixed reality portal fix the other issues.

  8. Thank you for this review! I've been using my G2 with MSFS for about a month now (5600x/32GB/Rtx3070). This is my 1'st headset so I can't compare the visual aspect to Oculus/Rift-s and my expectations could be too high. I'm not quite sure if default SteamVR res 3184×3100 (100%) is an upscaling bug or not but I would say that then and only then G2 shows it's maximum potential – perfect clarity, large sweet spot and photorealistic like visuals almost edge to edge. Now, I'm pretty sure even relying on OpenXR motion reprojection, currently there is no hardware that can deliver a constant 30fps in every scenario at such a high resolution with medium/high settings, hence we all have to lower the resolution by 50% or so to simply make it playable but not necessarily enjoyable. I tried X-Plane yesterday and it looks like here you need a stable 45fps/eye to make it fluid. I could maybe achieve that with default Cessna/airport/scenery but as soon as I try Zibo 737, my fps drops down below 45fps and the fluid motion is immediately gone…Do I miss something? Is there a way I can use Motion Reprojection in X-Plane so it would only need 30fps yet still feel like 90Hz? My best VR sim experience so far is Aerofly FS2, unfortunately it lacks in other areas which could be the main reason it runs perfectly fine at 90Hz, full res…Thanks!

  9. VFR pilot here: With the quest I simply can't read important dials in the aircraft I fly (i.e. RPM on the right side of the panel of a DA20) even when I use 150% SS. With the G2 I can finally use my plane! tnx HP!

  10. A Very interesting and useful vid, many thanks.
    I bought my G2 solely for the purpose of flying in dcs, but i've had issues with focusing at distance and low level, outside the cockpit ghosting. I now understand that its more to do with DCS's engine than the G2 itself.
    Based on what im hearing from guys like yourself about the quality of ms2020 combined with the G2, i'm toying with the idea of switching over to that for VR flying. And sticking with screen based flying for dcs. (At least for the moment) . PS. it was good to hear someone say that the ms home resolutoin is poor to middling. i thought it was just me and my old man eyes. cheers.

  11. Hi great video my issue with the cv1 is the lack of antialiasing i didnt think the g2 would have any but on your video it has loads of aliasing like the resolution is very low i couldnt play vr like that sorry

  12. I get black bars that show up on the bottom of my FOV and move around exaggerated compared to my head movements. It's completely immersion breaking. Anyone have this issue? Fixes?

  13. I have preordered my G2,directly from HP it says will ship 1/28/2021 hopefully…your computer specs is almost same as mine except GPU is only the standard 1080, & cpu is i7700 so not looking forward to full res, will run half…

    depending on my experience with the new G2, will build new PC as mine is about four years old & already obsolete by today’s standards…

    primary use is also flight sims and some other ver gaming, my main concern is not getting nauseated…thanks for sharing & I have subscribed

    I will also compare with the Quest2 to see how the Q2 performs

  14. For some strange reason after having the render resolution set on my G-2 to 50% since November now it works on auto again. last update on my nvidia drivers and steam drivers for some reason are allowing it to do it automatically again. Its much easier leaving it on auto and adjusting just the SS in the application now. Most of the steam games also are supported natively with the controllers with windows last update.

  15. Is there any way to improve the lag on Steam Vr games on the G2?, it seems like no matter what setting I have, the lag on Steam Vr games are always there, the tracking is unstable on alot of games too, the Windows Mixed Reality software on this headset needs to be improved as well, I like the G2 for the screen resolution, it has the best clarity I have ever seen on a vr headset, the things I don't really like is the Windows Mixed Reality Portal on it, Steam Vr is unstable with some of the games, and the tracking issues

  16. I've got a Dell Visor, and I'm with you 100% on the fact that WMR devices are the ideal VR headsets for people who are into seated experiences. The inside out tracking is a cost saving feature that basically only affects people who want a room-scale experience. All I want is a device that tracks my head and displays video, I personally don't even care about the controllers, because to me they're actually immersion breaking.

    For driving or flying, WMR headsets are the best bang for your buck in VR.

    I'll be interested in seeing what you think once you upgrade your GPU. Having your resolution cut back to 50% in OpenXR has got to be a little heart breaking. That's why I don't think I'm going to even bother upgrading my headset until I can get a 3080 at MSRP.

  17. Thanks for this nice summary, I waited for your opinion.
    I admit I relate to all your points and start using the G2 as my main headset instead of my trusty Pimax 5K+, I do not regret it. My only difference are the controllers, I loved the vive controllers but these ones are great for me too, they do the job and I don't feel they are cheap (although they don't have all the bells and whistles of other controllers, maybe in G3).
    My only tip, disable vibration, yes I know it helps with immersion but lets be honest the vibration in the G2 controllers are crappy and don't worth the energy they consume, it will allow your controllers to function for days without worrying too much about their longevity.

  18. Hi Bambino Tech
    Thanks very much for the info in this video and the other videos you have spent the time to record and release in regards the G2.
    Great to see what a user ,after a period of time thinks of the G2 ..interesting stuff and with all the other Utubers out there doing stuff for the reverb and the websites and links available for setting up the G2 then thanks to your efforts i should have an easier time setting up mine WHEN IT ARRIVES .
    Thanks again


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