Oculus Quest 2 Dual Purpose Prescription Lenses – VR WAVE Review


Reviewing one of the few best multi-purpose prescription lenses available for a VR headset on oculus quest or rift.
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16 thoughts on “Oculus Quest 2 Dual Purpose Prescription Lenses – VR WAVE Review”

  1. Ordered two pairs of these as both me and my wife are cursed with having to wear glasses, haven’t received them yet but this honestly looks like the best option for people who share a headset. Great video and extremely informative

  2. The updated thinned one you're showing, works wirh quest 1 too? You mention an adapter but on another site and product they said it works on both. Is the lens shape or depth really that diff?

  3. Hi can you put a video for google earth Vr for quest 2 I tried everything somehow nothing works even downloaded from steam and getting error for starting it. Thanks 😊

  4. My glasses are progressive. So if I only use the distance part of my prescription, won't there be elements up close that'll be blurry to me, as they are in real world scenarios? Things like up close items in games, menus, etc?

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