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Is Minecraft VR any good on PSVR? YES! Find out why in our review.

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37 thoughts on “Minecraft VR PSVR Gameplay Review | PS4/PSVR | Pure Play TV”

  1. Thanks for not making the typical video saying oh its terrible and preforms bad. But instead making a proper review video. Thanks 🙂

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  3. When I first got my psvr I searched up vr for Minecraft psvr but nothing came up but the. Like a month later I looked on Minecraft and it said psvr and I was like WAIT WHATTTTT so then I pressed and turned on the headset and I was legit happy as hecc

  4. for everyone saying why motion controllers aren't supported, its because Mojang and Minecraft have never supported vr like that, its always been controller or keyboard. The way YTs do it is through a mod called Vivecraft

  5. I was excited to play this but when I got my psvr I loaded it up and it put me in a room looking at a screen I pressed the button to change the perspective but it didn't work am I doing something wrong or has something messed up?

  6. One thing I really dislike about the vr mode is when I’m in creative the flying movement is always linear and parallel to the ground. I don’t like that I can’t use the joystick or the headset to fly at an angle upwards or downwards. It makes the gameplay really janky when flying instead of more smooth & fluent. Another thing is you can’t use the controller to move your view perspective up or down which means when your building something in creative your constantly breaking your neck to look down. I tried all the settings and unfortunately there’s no way to control the up/down view with the controller when in vr mode. I even tried looking down and recentering the view by holding the options button and that doesn’t work either. Overall I’m not as impressed with minecraft vr as I expected I would be.

  7. Lmao. All the kiddies are mad that they can’t use move controllers. Who cares? Those are outdated anyways. I prefer something with analog sticks. Skyrim, RE7, & far point all work fine on PSVR with the DS4 … if anything move controllers are such an outdated hassle

  8. No your right I was messing around on my ps4 vr and sall that minecraft had a vr symbol but when I got in you just watched it in a tv in a mincraft room but then I went to 1st person it was crazy and I've 0layed mincraft since I was like 4 and to experience in vr was crazy


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