NECA: Godzilla 2019 *Atomic Blast Vr.* | Figure Review


An Atomic Blast of a Figure with little problems here and there.
NECA absolutely redeemed themselves with this STELLAR &
stylistic paint job! While i do wish a few things were mended better
the figure still manages a big wow factor!

#NECA #GodzillaKingOfTheMonsters #Godzilla

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44 thoughts on “NECA: Godzilla 2019 *Atomic Blast Vr.* | Figure Review”

  1. I feel like this figure would work way better as a 2021 version, as in the new film he actually has the blue veins for the atomic breath. Kinda sad we won't be getting a NECA GVK figure 🙁

  2. I hope i could buy king ghidorah sh monsterarts but my my parents are planning to save money to go to london after corona is cured, corona please just get out of here


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