Oculus Quest Raccoon Lagoon VR Review – The Harvest Moon Of Virtual Reality


Today in BMF I have an Oculus Quest Raccoon Lagoon VR Review for you! This virtual reality game for the Oculus Quest is a farming/life simulator similar in style to the Harvest Moon games.

Does it live up to the hype? Check out the video to find out.

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28 thoughts on “Oculus Quest Raccoon Lagoon VR Review – The Harvest Moon Of Virtual Reality”

  1. Started playing this yesterday. I absolutely love this game! So easy to get lost in it for hours. Funny thing yesterday. I had started playing while still light out. When I finally took off my headset, I was standing in my dark livingroom! LOL! I was like Judy Hops "ITS NIGHT?!?"

  2. I bought it yesterday and loved it! But since you had to move instead of teleporting, I got motion sickness so Im trying to get over that. I really do hope they add a teleportation setting so you can change from using the controller to move to using the controller to to teleport to move.

  3. Hi! Never watched one of your videos but came here after a search to find a review about the game. Just wanted to give you props on actually having the courage to give a recommendation after a review which it feels like is a pretty rare thing for internet reviewers these days. I'm pretty sick of hearing "Should you buy this game? That really depends on what you're looking for in a game." Also, the fact that you don't spend a bunch of time meandering just to get the video drawn out to 10 minutes. Right to the point, while also showing that you did in fact spend enough time with the game to experience its ups and downs, and aren't just relaying marketing information to me. Best VR game review I've seen in a long time (ever?) Bravo! A like and a subscribe to you, good sir!

  4. Great review,got £4 oculus store credit as a thank you for buying the quest and was after a game that had some meat on the bone and not just a 30 min title.
    I usually like full on action titles,but this looks like there is plenty to do at your own pace.Cheers 🙂👍👍

  5. Thank you for the review on this title. I was looking for a virtual world to dive into and interact with, and this seems like the perfect game. I going to purchase this within the hour and give it a shot.

  6. If you were recording whilst it crashed… that's the issue. It crashed a LOT for me when I was doing my video footage, but it doesn't seem to crash when you're just playing it. I'm over 20 hours in so far and still things to do. Love it.

  7. Thanks for the review video! I also was eagerly anticipating the release of Raccoon Lagoon and my hype for it was justified. The game is amazing. Despite a few bugs the quality is top notch and I hope more develops make games similar to this. So much to do and so much fun it has become my most played Quest game. The only issue I have is with the fishing. There is some trial and error tossing out the lure to the exact spot you want. Fortunately you can sort of guide it if you over throw it. Other than that, this should be one of the top games on the Quest so far. Kudos to the devs.


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