NS Glasses Review – Almost VR headset for Nintendo Switch


9 thoughts on “NS Glasses Review – Almost VR headset for Nintendo Switch”

  1. Not only is the VR fake, but the entire thing is a scam. The Indiegogo NS Glasses campaign has not delivered product to over a dozen vocal paying customers and has started falsely marking them "refunded" so they can't complain in the comments on the campaign.

  2. Lol, that was funny. I'm not surprised though. I know the guy who developed it, he's good at spinning a yarn to get people to buy this stuff but cannot be trusted I'm afraid.

  3. 1. My box didn’t come as beat up as that lol

    2. Wish it had a carry case

    3. The iMax experience is true

    4. You need to play with the Velcro straps more, it’s a one size fits all, I found one that suits me.

    5. We need to play with these in public lol

    6. Based on my experience smash and Pokémon are 200% better with it, I only play with this now

    7. It takes getting used to too, glad you haven’t gotten ghosting as some people complain of.

    8. It’s very comfortable to play in bed

    9. 10/10 if I didn’t have one I’d take another off your hands

    10. It’s only $50 I’d pay $100 if I could will be better when the browser comes out and r34 can be watched


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