DREAM VR Headset Unboxing and Review


This is the review video of Dream VR Wireless Virtual Reality Headset.

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-BIGGEST 44mm LENS: DREAM VR uses high quality 44mm HD resin lens with multi-layered nano dip coating. The lens in our eyes alter the incoming light in a way that it gets focused on our receptors on the back of our eyes. That’s why we need special lenses, as in our VR headset, to bend the light and make it comfortable for our eyes to see.
-FREE WIRELESS GAMEPAD CONTROLLER: Dream VR package includes a fabulous universal mini wireless Bluetooth remote control which has X-box styled game pad design and is absolutely free. This is compatible with iOS, Android & PC etc. It can be used as a game controller, wireless mouse or E-book flip page..
-110 DEGREE FOV: A Virtual Reality Experience is all about immersion. With Field Of View (FOV) of 110 degree, you’ll get a wide viewing angle and get immersed in your favourite virtual world. HD resolution delivers eye-popping graphics and smooth action. Naturally, more advanced the phone, better the experience.
-PRECISION TRACKING: Any VR experience is incomplete without accurate head tracking. Our VR headset is designed to accurately track your head movement. With ergonomic design, adjustable leather headband support and foam face cushioning, our VR headset provides balanced comfort for extended view time.
-ADJUSTABLE IPD: With a built-in Inter Pupillary Distance (IPD) controller, you can adjust the screen distance to get clear view. Our VR headset works well for those who have near or far sightedness, as well!


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