VR Games July 2021 – 14 games (+ 1 movie!)


There’s an equally incredible amount of content coming to Quest, PSVR and PC VR this month – 9 new games and 6 ports, to be exact! Which games are you looking forward to?

July’s VR lineup includes: Chess Club, Tarzan VR, Madrid Noir, Waltz of the Wizard Natural Magic, Sam & Max, Sniper Elite VR, Zombieland VR, Walkabout Mini Golf, A Township Tale, Stones of Harlath, Little Witch Academia VR, The Secret of Retropolis, Winds & Leaves, Synth Riders, and Arcsmith!

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26 thoughts on “VR Games July 2021 – 14 games (+ 1 movie!)”

  1. The VR game industry is still quite uninspiring considering like 95% are fps/magic/rhythm games. Thankfully as a developer that leaves room from creativity.

  2. VR is so dead. Until the wireless headsets ACTUALLY become wireless PCVR headsets VR is just DEAD. These games suck and nothing is on the horizon. Why don't people just use Source 2?!?! I'm sick of this stupid Unreal engine crap, and Quest 2 cartoon garbage. I'm selling my Index. This is whole VR thing was a mistake.

  3. I'm most hyped for: Madrid Noir,
    because battlescar was the most amazing VR movie i've ever experienced (thoughtful layering of 3D text and scale changes to transition "scenes").

    – Want to dig "the secret of retropolis" based on the tone/concept (have long wanted to make my own hard boiled detective story in a world of robots – because the tough guy "gore" could get pretty unreal), buuutttttt hope i misheard that you never leave that room. ? (and the stretchy arm mechanic makes me worry this is some G-rated inspector gadget shit. erg)

    – Curious about Arcsmith (though it doesn't look much like smithing). Just always wanted to play a game as a blacksmith (or mechanic or shopkeeper) in someone else's epic story. with the inevitable "now it's time to get your hands dirty, blacksmith. leave your shop and join the war." hope that's how it'll play out.

    … beyond that: just bought Stones of Harlath for Quest (so hearing it'll be available on PCVR just makes me hope it's crossbuy). And I totes want Sam&Max (but hearing it'll be available on PCVR makes me wonder if i should wait)

  4. thanks for making this (feel like there are too many unimagintive demos-pretending-to-be-games in the VR space to keep track anymore.) (*wish there some sort of advice on what will be fine on Quest2, vs. what will be notably better on PC VR. like, not just based on graphics, but on wireless use and embodiment? slightly better particles, and some clearer background textures, doesn't thrill me)

  5. I'll never understand the fascination people have with pixelated art-style video games. I think they look like the developers ran out of money or just don't care anymore lol.


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