HTC Vive Pro 2 VR Headset Review!


We test and review the HTC Vive Pro 2, the latest desktop virtual reality headset from HTC. Norm evaluates the high-resolution display panel and optics choices made for this headset, and how they compare with alternatives like the Valve Index and HP Reverb G2. Does the image quality justify the high price tag?

HTC Vive Pro 2:

Shot and edited by Norman Chan

Disclosure: this product was provided by the manufacturer for purposes of review.

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31 thoughts on “HTC Vive Pro 2 VR Headset Review!”

  1. VR will never catch on at those ridiculous prices. Do they expect people under 30 (~60% of gamers) to afford $1k+ equipment just for playing a handful of decent games? Computers don't count since they are general purpose machines. Honestly after passing 30, even though I have 100+ personally selected games in my steam library, I only bother playing the same 3-4 games (cs, lol, sc2, hades etc) as I don't have the time or interest to play them any more. Even though I could afford it, I can't justify buying a VR set just to play Alyx or maybe Beat Saber. So no matter the specs, sorry but I will wait a couple of years until the prices get under 400.

  2. The visual review is spot on but you completely skipped the audio quality I noticed. It is simply poor. I bought this headset and am returning it because the mic and the headphones are simply sub-par. The audio is missing low end and devoid of base and the mic is poppy and muffled. Consider the index or the G2 and skip this headset. The cost is not justified at all!

  3. Industry normally spende $50k+ on HMDs as a full kit. Working in these industries, the VP2 with a A6000 Gpu with a Xeon cpu combo is now under $15k. Everyone in the office has a VP2 or a VPeye.
    If $300 stops someone from getting the best available HMD, then they probably don't fit the end user client.

  4. So this headset you have the best tracking, best controllers if upgrade to Knuckles, have option to go wireless (more $), plus all the options or most that one could use with the Vive Pro, plus kick ass resolution and option to use 120hz. I have a Vive, Vive Pro and Samsung Odyssey +. The tracking is horrible in WMR, software to use that headset, WMR, sucks, best just to use Steam or jump into it but worst is how cheap/toy like the Odyssey + felt and looked (display was fine).

    The sit down review vice more active, in game comparisons, action makes me think we lost you for reviews and you have lost interest in really digging into the details. The excitement and enthusiasm dimming into criticism on not having some magical device that doesn't copy anything prior to it I think is really missing the point of the VP2. For the professional, moving from one to the next will be transparent with all the benefits of the most important aspect for professional uses, the resolution, clarity and maybe the higher refresh rate for longer wear periods with less downsides (sickness) of being in VR.

  5. Be great if there were more good games for VR! this is like buying a car that has no wheels. now half-life Alyx.. that's a wheel! I wouldn't buy a new system just to play the same games that play just fine on what i have.

  6. The comments about the sweetspot clarity are spot on. The screen is VERY impressive but I cannot get over how much I find myself readjusting the strap and Hmd to regain that perfect spot. I'm going to try the headset out for the rest of the week and see if it improves, but so far it has been glaring issue for me and I may return it

  7. Just got my Vive Pro 2 as upgrade to my Pro 1. We can all focus on eveything that does not match out expectations, but creating VR hardware is very hard and especially to get every variables right. The fact that we have come to the point that screendoor effect is a thing from the past is a major milestone. And believe me, it’s gone. That is worth my 800 bugs.

  8. Thank you so much for the reviews but HTC Vive VR Headsets is boring still look old with the controller also lack al lot of things, still not wireless included you need to buy an ugly project like wireless adapter, am so sad they don't upgrade everything and am so disappointing also thr price increases a lot higher even still got a lot of cheap things like microphone, face cover, old big and bulky controllers

  9. Great review Norm, i appreciate that you're 100% honest about its pros and cons. Its hard to find out that will openly state both… they're usually glorified ads these days. Thank you!

  10. I think we're going to see stagnation in the development of pcvr headsets. Our current systems can't even fully utilize these current headsets. They've come as far as they can go at the moment so developing and building even more demanding HMDs seems a waste if time and money for these companies. Pcvr is still way to niche to make it viable. The only company capable now of pushing the envelope is Oculus, but how much do they care about a niche market like pcvr? Time will tell

  11. I was very happy with the vive and then the vive pro, and then the g2 and feel confident I will be very happy with the vive pro 2. never had any issuses with htc hardware at all. But having to deal with wmr is not great and I miss the vive wands and the light house tracking when using the G2. Index is not avalable in my country. Probably due to the mandatory 5 year warrenty on all consumer hardware in Norway.

  12. Awesome.. Tunnel Vision being advertised in 2021… and this is how VR will become another gimmick and die…
    Both Quest 2 and Reverb G2 are abysmal for their FOV… At least Pimax TRIED and keeps trying to give us a view without HORSE-GLASSES as does Vive pro 2… I don't think there is a perfect VR headset and the Quest 2 least of them… (I have the Quest 2, Vive pro and the Reverb G2 and so far, I tend to use the Vive Pro a lot more then any other. Probably that's because of the GearVR lens mod + index controllers + Wireless Adapter ?!)
    Looking forward to get the Vive Pro 2 and I am sure it will be very awesome!

  13. Had the original Vive at launch and loved it until I got my Index. I was so looking forward to getting a proper upgrade but.. For now I'm sticking with my Index.


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