Larcenauts Is VR's First Big Hero FPS – Review


I check out Larcenauts using the Oculus Quest 2 in this review video. Larcenauts is VR’s first big hero shooter, but does it hit the target?

Check out Larcenauts on Oculus Quest & Quest 2 here;

Check out Larcenauts on PC VR via Steam here;

Check out the official Larcenauts website here;

Let me know what you think of Larcenauts in the comments below…

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37 thoughts on “Larcenauts Is VR's First Big Hero FPS – Review”

  1. Could you make a vid on the new Airlink experimental feature on quest 1? I know you already made a vid before but that was a different and more forced airlink and i wanna see the difference and how much easier the new airlink is to use

  2. Hello can you please help me because I have an oculus quest and I have bought games on the app on mobile but I signed into my oculus account on pc oculus app and my games aren’t there please can you help

  3. Wow, your title needs a bit of work, perhaps “VR’s most disappointing FPS yet!!” and that's a suggestion coming from listening to you describe the gameplay, of course if companies actually released the hardware of today at a reasonable price then Dev’s would be able to include all the physics and graphics you want.

  4. I was wondering if it was possible to pair the rift s controllers to the rift cv1 cus I’m a beat saber player and the old cv1 controllers are making my acc bad, and I want the cv1 headset because it’s better I’m my opinion with the outside tracking.

  5. Is this good for vr?

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  6. Need help deciding on a headset!

    Hi! I need help deciding what to get and what would be best for me. I usually play Vrchat, but at times play Beat Saber but for a short period of time. Id love to get fullbody tracking for my set up. I'm usually sitting around or laying, but may dance for short amounts of times with my friends. I have an IBuyPower intel I7 pc. Any advice or recommendations? I'd love to use the hp reverb with index controllers with vive trackers and base station, but id like to know others thoughts on it. Thank you!

  7. Hi Mike,
    Please be so kind and read my email to you from Jun 21, 2021.
    I will be so grateful if you find the time. Thank you so much and I wish you a beautiful day. Matthew W. and Monika M.

  8. Sprinting should be triggered by doing a running motion with your arms, kind of like how Stride's sprinting works.

    I also hope that the manual reloading actually has you fiddling with the weapon instead of just "put mag in gun then shoot".


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