Larcenauts Review In Progress – VR Gamescast


Here’s our review in progress of LArcenauts, straight from our weekly VR Gamescast! Join Zeena and Jamie every Thursday at 9am PT/5pm BST for your weekly VR gaming breakdown.

Read our full Larcenauts review (in progress):

Larcenauts’ sprint fix is ALREADY live!

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20 thoughts on “Larcenauts Review In Progress – VR Gamescast”

  1. The sprint is fixed, the reloaded is refreshing I jump around from game to game and it's confusing going from onward to contractor or pavlov because they all have slightly diff reload mechanics. Press a button and wait, that's what we're used to it makes it feel more casual.

  2. push button reloading works best in these games… You'll quickly find that out when manual reloading starts it = instant death… Push the button and place your focus on dodging fire.

    I think the mistake comes from trying to do too much in terms of reloading animations… They should simply have a push of the grip button and you watch a progress bar. That what guns stay consistently in your hands and watch with you holding the controllers so there's no real body to virtual body disconnect.

  3. I had refunded the game before playing because of the reviews and decided to have my first experience be when the sprint was solved so I bought prison boss vr and had a blast

  4. How can I tey this? I'm personally utterly disappointed with the footage

    All the heroes are so lame and abilities are a button press? What is this a flatscreen game?


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