Best VR Games 2021 โ€“ Current Must Play Games


Today we are checking out the Best VR Games 2021 โ€“ Current Must Play Games. This includes a list of games you should be playing right now in January of 2021 plus some amazing upcoming titles.

Current Must Plays
00:00 – Intro Playing Swarm
00:37 – In Death Unchained (Quest)
01:36 – Jurassic World Aftermath (Quest)
02:17 – Phasmophobia (PCVR)
03:02 – Star Wars Squadrons (PCVR/ PSVR)
03:37 – Onward (PCVR /Quest)
04:07 – Pavlov (PCVR / Quest app lab)
04:50 – Population 1 (PCVR / Quest)

Upcoming Games
05:33 – Vertigo 2 (PCVR)
05:54 – After the Fall (PCVR/Quest/{PSVR)
06:10 – Lone Echo 2 (PCVR)
06:31 – The Climb 2 (Quest)
6:45 – Valve’s New VR Game
07:00 – Swarm (Quest)

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26 thoughts on “Best VR Games 2021 โ€“ Current Must Play Games”

  1. For those of you who are wanting to or are getting a vr headset make sure your CPU is good enough to run games. A lot of VR games use the CPU to process the physics, if yours isnโ€™t good enough your experience will not be great.

  2. Iโ€™m looking for an alternative to Elite Dangerous. Today June 15th, 2021 @11am cst FDev said they wonโ€™t develop VR any further. They have VR for ships and buggies, but no VR for walking. That means I have a poor resolution "monitor" simulated in VR, or I stop in an MMO with no pause to relog into 2D. There are a host of other reasons, but please let me know if there are non-cartoony alternatives to Elite.

  3. I can not get Starwars Squadrons to look "absolutely stunning" in my Oculus Rift. It looks overly grainy, waaaay to contrasty and blotchy. Also, the cut scenes will totally make you dizzy and nauseous because they are totally discombobulated – looking in the headset. How do I get it to to look better?! Here's my setup:

    -Rysen Threadripper 3970x 32 Core 64 thread processor
    -RTX 2080ti XC Ultra
    -128GB GSkill RGB ram

    Now, Half Life ALYX DOES look "absolutely stunning" in my Oculus Rift! So, it was very disappointing to see how Squadrons looked after playing that. I guess I should have played Squadrons first, lol. Anywho.. anybody got any suggestions?

  4. I already have my vr headet and my cable but I gotta get the rest of my pc and once I get that Iโ€™m gonna find a good pc vr game to play and Iโ€™m probably gonna play on it more than 12 hours of the day. Iโ€™m also gonna wear earbuds and headphones overtop of that. Since I canโ€™t figure out what to do in life Iโ€™m gonna spend this summer living inside a video game and pretty isolate myself from the outside world for a while


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