Mental VR: A Chaotic Low Poly VR Game Review [1080p HD]


Mental VR (► is a is a parkour shooter VR game that combines movement mechanics with intense close-quarters combat! This video is a first impressions review.
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MENTAL is a very skill based game and it gets better as you master it! It might take some practice until you can utilize the game to it’s full potential. Please do the tutorials!!!

Movement Mechanics: MENTAL uses VR to its full potential so you can parkour effortlessly. No more teleporting, you will freely run, jump, dash, climb and WALLRUN anywhere you want.

Guns: Ultra realistic gun interaction system that is also perfectly suited for fast-paced hardcore action. Most games with realistic gun mechanics are generally easy/slow paced shooters or they are simply just shooting ranges. MENTAL is for hardcore gamers! It’s packed with intense, fast paced, crazy gun-play against relentless barrages of enemies.

Bullet Ballistics: Get immersed in MENTAL’s top notch bullet ballistics system that provides each gun with realistic bullet mass, shooting power and physics based recoil. Also materials like wood, metal, dirt, concrete all react differently to bullets (For example, you can shoot an enemy behind a metal door with a sniper but not a pistol).

Melee Combat: 30+ physics based melee weapons (and many more craftables) that will knock down enemies, slice them, explode their heads, etc. and your fists, if you are more the hands-on type.

Crafting, Gun & Player Upgrades: Craft 15+ weapons using guns, blunt and sharp weapons. Upgrade guns to increase shooting speed, lower recoil, and increase damage. Your player can also be upgraded for increased jump height/distance, faster running speed, more health etc.

Interactive & Destructible Environments: Most objects in the maps are grabbable, interactive, or destructible. Most landmarks and cover in the maps are also destructible.

AI: NO DUMMY/ZOMBIE AIs!!! We have loads of different enemies who can engage in all sorts of ranged and melee combat while hunting you down mercilessly. Enemies are all FULLY PHYSICAL and have different fighting styles, different weapons and guns, different levels of toughness, and also unique attack strategies.

Power-ups: Use power-ups to heal and enhance your abilities for a limited amount of time.
Game Modes: Survival, Arena Survival, Boss Hunt

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 / AMD FX 8350
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970
Storage: 6 GB available space

Developer Discord:
Developer YouTube:

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