Feel VR Pedals Review | First consumer review | Better than Fanatec?


1. Intro – 0:00
2. Build Quality – 0:29
3. Styling – 0:49
4. Mounting/Setup – 1:36
5. Software – 2:14
6. Throttle Pedal – 2:27
7. Clutch Pedal – 3:01
8. Brake Pedal – 3:26
9. General comments – 5:38
10. Final Thought – 6:35

Does Feel VR have what it takes to challenge the giants in sim racing? The results are… interesting, to say the least…

BRAKE FADE ISSUE FIXED: A different USB port sorted this! DELIGHTED
CORRECTION: These pedals use magnetic encoders, not potentiometers.

You can still get these pedals at the late bird rate while stocks last: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/feel-vr-the-affordable-direct-drive-racing-wheel#/

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45 thoughts on “Feel VR Pedals Review | First consumer review | Better than Fanatec?”

  1. Meanwhile in other news, the Feel VR team are sipping on Martinis in Thailand and laughing at people believing this wasn’t a scam. You paid for them to travel around America, with a prototype wheel that shorted and smoked and still people kept believing in them and donating. A company based in a country that hits either the prohibited countries or the very high risk list for most western countries. Do your research people, before you pay into a Kickstarter / scam. Saw this one a mile off, this clearly was never going to be the next oculus.

  2. This "company" is bankrupt since two years. They managed to get away with it because they are based in Ukraine, which has a weak government and doesn't prosecute scammers as they should. In other countries they would be jailed.

  3. @Laurence Dusoswa:
    Do you still have those pedals?

    I noticed some corrosion on the back of my pedals. I only received them four months ago. I messaged FeelVR (with pictures) but they didn´t respond. Do your pedals also show corrosion on the stainless steel?

  4. Just to share my experience: FeelVR has not replied to any message I´ve send them via Kickstarter ever since March. They don´t read PMs on facebook. They finally published software and a firmware update that you can´t update to, because it´s showing an error message. The error hasn´t been corrected since April. They have put their pedals on sale on their website, even though many of people who paid for their pedals years ago didn´t get theirs. Also, the comments on kickstarter suggest, that they are producing less than 2 sets per week.

  5. This is s glimmer of hope for those of us that sunk over $700 into the product back in 2018!

    The fact that a few people received pedals is nice, but the updates have been sporadic and unhelpful at best.

    I used to defend feel vr to naysayers and recommend it to potential buyers, but the conduct of the company has not allowed me to continue to do this.

  6. So these are a 2018 or thereabouts Kickstarter / indiegogo campaign funded pedal set that were floated as an option to a so far non existent budget DD wheel that after 2+ years hasn’t materialised. The pedals themselves look to have been made available to only a handful of early backers / reviewers. As of 2020 Feelvr no longer respond to any requests for progress / shipping updates and look like an intentional scam to reel in folks hoping for a better budget DD / pedal set option. Take a look at the backer comments on KS (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/feelvr/feel-vr-the-affordable-direct-drive-racing-wheel-a/comments) or IG (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/feel-vr-the-affordable-direct-drive-racing-wheel#/comments) before you consider ordering / pledging. Disappointing you haven’t highlighted this on this platform.

  7. Definitely not better than V3 with BPK. Better materials, more adjustability of the stiffnes in the brake, MUCH more solid construction and a better loadcell (90 kg) makes the difference. For the same price point i would go for V3, but for their initial price (199) they could be an great option over CSL elite and TCLM, 250 could be also a great price for this set of pedals.

  8. You should edit your Video and Post a warning! Cause it seems that they finally scamed the people. And you should dont make commercial for this! They never send out pedals etc! They abandonded, dont reply anymore etc. Never pay a euro to this company!

  9. Nice review cobber but did you notice the lack of bearing surfaces for the moving parts of the pedals, do they just run steel pins through the metal components that make up the pedal frames? that's never going to last and a fundamental design flaw for a loaded moving component, to me they look like something that might feel good for a very short time only, that flex is unnecessary too, my throttle moving with my brake would not be ideal.

  10. Careful when ordering these; FeelVR claim that backer #154 is currently the last number to have been shipped. However, several people with lower numbers have already complained that their pedals have not been shipped, yet.

  11. The flex is coming from your rig and the way they are mounted. The whole rigs flexes and wobbles around.
    The pedals look cheaply made steel, i would expect rust being a problem if they are not stainless steel.
    What about calibration? Does it auto calibrate? Do you have a calibration tool?

  12. Most car manufacturers recommend against restimg your foot on the clutch pedal, just FYI. Even with a very low amount of engagement you can burn out your bearing from too much engagement time.

  13. Great prices but these guys screwed every one on the original early bird special. I was totally backing them when they first came out . But that all changed when the price changed and launch date was pushed back. I have 3 full racing cockpits that could have had feel vr products . But definitely not now . Not wasting my money on companies that cant keep there word.

  14. There is now way you have ever seen heusinkveld pedals flex on a proper rig with correct mounting pieces. These are not even comparable to heusinkveld. fanatec maybe but not 700 dollar pedals

  15. moving the rod on the clutch down all the way and getting a longer stiffer srping should raise the bite point and make it more noticible. longer and stiffer will give you a preloaded spring and a harsher unloading effect.

  16. The styling leaves quite a lot to be desired, it would be good if future versions addressed this as from aesthetics point of view, I couldn’t bring myself to add these to my rig… also improvements in stiffness and maybe the option to mount individually would also be key… but that price is tempting

  17. Alright, I'm not one to usually come in and call out someone negatively. But holy shit, telling people to rest/that you're resting your foot against the clutch pedal, "like in a real car"? No. Just no no no no no. That's how you end up replacing clutches. You have a dead-pedal for a reason. Resting your foot on your clutch pedal will make it slip and you can end up literally killing it in a matter of minutes. Sorry to be so negative, but dude, you need to get rid of that habit A S A P. EDIT: The "real car" part, that is. The sim doesn't matter, obviously, but don't do it in a real car, please, for your own sake.

  18. This is hugely encouraging to be honest – nice little review Laurence. Ive had my fingers crossed for FeelVR since they first came to light, the Sim market is quite small and some competition and alternatives can only be a good thing. I assume you will revisit the review after a couple of months of use?

  19. Thrustmaster should be ashamed. If this little company can come out of nowhere and release pedals this good for that price point. It’s great for the community.

    This is why I switched to the Fanatec eco system. After only using all TM gear for a couple of months when I first got into sim racing.

    Passion for sim racing isn’t prevalent at TM. It is at Fanatec and obviously at FeelVR.


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