Knockout League Oculus Quest Gameplay Review | Punch-Out In VR


Today on BMF I have a Knockout League Oculus Quest gameplay review for you. Knockout League is the Punch-Out of VR but is it worth jumping into the ring?

Watch the video to find out.

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25 thoughts on “Knockout League Oculus Quest Gameplay Review | Punch-Out In VR”

  1. Good quality videos but your camera angle is weird. Looks like you’re looking down and moving the camera up just a little would fix this. Just wondering if I’m the only one to noticed this in his videos.

  2. I've tried it and it's definitely good for fun and to burn calories. I find the tutorials and training very technical and I sometimes get lost in the long explanations, so I still haven't got the hang of some of these drills.
    Just for fun this game incidentally allows you to fight against huge or midget enemies, by tricking the game into thinking you're a different height. In other words, if you stand on top of, say, a chair and then adjust the height (and then go down) you'll face enormous challengers (about 7 feet tall). Conversely, if you adjust your height while on the floor, your enemies will be tiny. SUCH FUN!

  3. Like I said for the gameplay video I couldn’t wait to play this and I bought it right wast thanks a bunch for the review and gameplay appreciate it


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