3dRudder PSVR Motion Controller Review: Move in VR with your feet


No analoge sticks? No problem, the 3dRudder motion controller allows you to control your movement with your feet. Freeding your hands up to do….hand type things. Does it work? Lets Find out.

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To purchase a 3dRudder…go to: https://www.3drudder.com/playstationvr

Currently Supported Games as of June 5th 2019:

The Wizards
The Mage’s Tale
Space Junkies
Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams
Ultra Wings
Pirate Flight
Beat Blaster
Operation Warcade
Red Matter
Honor and Duty D-Day
Bow to Blood
Trainer VR

Support Confirmed:

Nature Treks VR
Immortal Legacy The Jade Cypher
Scraper: First Strike
Affected The Manor
Verti-Go Home
Telefrag VR
Shadow Legend
Contagion VR Outbreak


21 thoughts on “3dRudder PSVR Motion Controller Review: Move in VR with your feet”

  1. So, with Space Junkies, it kind of becomes pay to win haha They really should have had an add on for the move controllers as standard in psvr release. An add on mini usb peripheral with it's own bluetooth, like the wii nunchuk.

  2. It would be great if 3drudder could allow the 3d Rudder PC software to detect and be used with the PSVR 3d Rudder.

    That would be a nice gesture for people that have supported your company on PS4.

  3. This might become the VR standard for movements in the future. The standing devices only works if you play for short periods of time but most gamers spend hours playing every single day. Imagine you just got home from work and want to play a vr game, you dont want to stand for hours when you are so tired. You just wanna sit down , relax, and play the game. Standing VR might be a niche for gamer-althletes who can utilize their body to the fullest.

    Some of the things the reviewer said are tell tale signs of innovite design such as intuitive, control, and learning curve. Although he didnt say if it helps with motion sickness because it is one of the bottlenecks of VR, the problem of motion sickness.

  4. Am I the only one who wants to play PSVR games with my DS4 just sat on my sofa without waving my arms about and a thousand massive horribly plasticky controllers all over the god damn place?

  5. I'm still waiting for the ground gripper to come in the mail and I'm hoping that solves the issue of this thing getting lost often and taking minutes to start working again as it tries to recalibrate. I was playing Shadow Legend with it and it was totally awesome, except when it made me stuck in place for AGES at times struggling to start working again (telling me to put the left foot on, failing to work, until finally it successfully calibrated).

    Or could I have a defective 3DRudder? Because this is pretty awful. Right now I'm putting it in a cardboard box. I have no idea what's throwing it off when it gets lost (doesn't feel like I'm doing anything strange with it at all, sometimes it seems like it does this when I'm not even moving it at all). But it can happen fairly often for horrible frustration.

    So could the ground gripper fix this issue? Or do I have a dud?


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