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Caddy nearly thrups all over the floor as he dives into PlayStation VR, along with a large handful of games from Resident Evil 7 VR to Tetris Effect VR. Get ready for the beginning of a brand new series, and welcome to my PSVR review! ▼ MORE LINKS BELOW ▼

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PlayStation VR was released in late 2016 at a very high price. Nowadays, it’s gone down quite a lot – but does Caddy think it’s worth the new price in 2019? That’s what this PSVR review aims to find out today – with all of the PSVR gameplay you see here being recorded straight from the PS4 Pro itself (sorry for the lower frame rate and quality, couldn’t get it any better), along with a PS Move review (more specifically a Move controller review), PS Aim Controller review – and more importantly, a big selection of PlayStation VR games to ease everyone into this new video series. In order of appearance, some of the PlayStation VR games you’ll see here are with a DOOM VFR review, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood review, The Inpatient review, PlayStation VR Worlds review (or PSVR Worlds review for short, depends how lazy you feel), Tetris Effect review, WipEout Omega Collection review, Resident Evil 7 review, Don’t Knock Twice review, Fruit Ninja VR review, Batman Arkham VR review, Moss review, Driveclub VR review, Farpoint review, EVE Valkyrie review, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR review and The American Dream review. As mentioned, I do apologise for the PlayStation VR gameplay in this video being 30fps and 720p but I had to record straight from the system itself. Also, I’m not going to be comparing difference from PS4 vs PS4 Pro for PSVR – because I’m unable to. But I do hear it’s not that crazy of a difference, so it’s all okay as far as I’m aware. Maybe the price has gone down because of the rumoured PSVR2? Who knows. PlayStation VR 2 sounds cool though. I’d also love to say this is an unboxing video but my boxes are firmly placed within my shelves and will not be able to be taken off without total office destruction, so meh, it’s an ‘out-boxing’ video.

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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Please suggest any and all PSVR games and experiences right here! Already got a lot of ideas myself, but I’d love to see if I missed any.

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32 thoughts on “The PlayStation VR – Caddicarus”

  1. QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Please suggest any and all PSVR games and experiences right here! Already got a lot of ideas myself, but I’d love to see if I missed any.

  2. Please do a review of “Saints and Sinners!” for PSVR! It’s the best VR game I’ve ever played (other than “Moss”) that actually feels like a true game & not just an experience/simulation.


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