Procus VR headset Review


This is the video review of Procus Virtual Reality headset.

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Product Description

Procus is a high quality VR Headset device that runs VR Games/ Videos/ 3D Movies from your mobile phone. Experience maximum physical comfort and an adaptable field of view with Procus’ adjustable eye to screen distance. Procus places experience first; we’ve eliminated the risk of eye strain and simulator sickness by ensuring a flexible headset that meets your exact requirements. We let nothing undermine high quality visual perfection. Transfer yourself into another world from your living room, and feel the thrill of having high quality virtual reality experiences on demand, whenever the temptation arises. The Procus VR Headset is inspired by Google Cardboard as a fun and portable VR experience, but offers superior durability and tech specifications compared to its counterpart. Along with a protective casing and Bluetooth technology, these features allow you to take your VR experience anywhere and acts as an affordable equivalent to Oculus Rift. Features of Procus VR Visual Display Features: • Adjust Interpupillary distance to match facial shape • Large field of view • Adjustable screen to eye distance • Can be used by people who wear glasses • Adjust for every head size via quality Velcro strap • Soft leather cushion in front that covers face • Leather band for soft back of the head support • Quality plastic used with soft edges • Very comfortable around the nose Additional Details: • Comes with Quality Cardboard Box • Comes with User guide • Lens Cleaner Technical Specifications: Glasses Type: 3D Glasses Brand Name: PROCUS VR Model Number: PRO1 3D Glasses Type: Polarized
Color: Black Support System: Android / IOS / Windows phone – with gyroscope functionality Material: Plastic + Leather Support Devices: 3.5-6 inch Smartphone with gyroscope in them. Product Net Weight: 380g Product Size: 205*140*100mm Sight adjustment: 76.5mm-85mm Lens: Aspheric optical lens design. Diameter of lense: 33.5mm


HIGH QUALITY LENSES, THE NO. 1 PRIORITY: Our lenses are specially imported and assembled with the device in India. The lenses go through an extremely high quality control. We use HD optical resin lenses with 8 layer nano coating. This reduces glare and allows viewing for a longer period. Lenses are polished during multiple stages of production thus preventing tiredness and strain of the eyes. Lenses have a high FOV (depending on the device) to help in an immersive experience.
BUILT QUALITY:Supports devices from 3.5″-6″. IPD-Interpupillary Distance controller & Distance controller, giving a perfect experience to any age group. Quality plastic does not allow any light to seep in for immersive viewing. Strong magnet used to keep front lid closed. Bolts for levers are triple checked, for any loose components. Front panel helps releasing heat. External sockets for earphones & charging. Comfortable headband,and foam face cushioning give you the best VR experience.
UPCOMING VR GAMES:We are working on development of high quality VR Games for our buyers. Games ranging from Horror for adults and educational for children. All games which would be otherwise paid, would be free for PROCUS users.
A BEST SELLER WITH POSITIVE REVIEWS:We take pride in providing the best customer service to our buyers. We listen, and implement good feedbacks. A glance at the review section would give you an idea that we want to provide nothing less than the best quality device and service.


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  1. hello sir, I want to buy this but as far i know, will it be able to give performance like samsung gear can ??? as I dont have samsung mobile I have ended up considering buying this one. but what is the exact difference between Samsung Gear and this one.. some people says that if Samsung Gear is 100% then other low end VR is only 5% to 10% compare to Samsung Gear (performance wise ) is it true ????

  2. Good Review , but get the procus, irusu and aura three at a time and compare !!! For me Bluetooth remote is a waste of time. Its a pain to use remote , like evrytime you need to use a game, need to switch on remote, pair it, sometimes it won't work, and luckily it gets connected, already your precious time is evopourated. VR should be on the go, like a clikcer, touch button. Best part is go for Google cardboard or just go for the cheapest in the three VR offers from Irusu, Procus or Aura, excluding BT remote.


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