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Sniper Elite VR features a brand new exclusive single-player campaign that – although could use a little more polish – really delivers where it counts.

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20 thoughts on “Sniper Elite VR | PSVR Review”

  1. Played this today it was so much fun! Thanks for recommendations 😁😁😁😁 edit. I noticed you picked up ammo with ease. I found it really hard to get the x. to either show up or stay highlighted. Super hard to pick ammo up from gun clips.

  2. Whenever I talk to someone about VR, their reason for not jumping on board is never about the good games available. I have never heard anyone tell me that since 2016 when I got my PSVR set. . It's always about the risk of buying into VR and discovering that they get bad motion sickness. Some people can get sickness that lasts for days just from playing a game for 30 seconds. For people that don't have any means to try out VR before they buy, the risk of buying then needing to sell is just too great.. My games library is full of awesome VR games.. More VR games than 2d in fact.. It's never about the games. The games are what makes most people curious aboujt VR in the first place.. But that sickness is a real deal breaker. It's kinda like trying seafood for the first time. You're just not sure if you'll be going to the hospital until after you try..

  3. As a VR gaming fan that has played and enjoyed other Sniper Elite games as well as other games from Rebellion, I am very interested in this game, but I am not sure if I should get this for PSVR and play with the PS Aim controller or get it for my Oculus Quest 2 and use those controllers.

    It would be nice if VR reviews would start not just covering multiple control options on PSVR, but also PSVR vs Quest for games that are on both platforms.

  4. Couple questions I can't seem to find an answer to anywhere on the interwebs..
    #1 What the hell does the setting "comfort scope" do?! I've had it off and on, yet notice zero difference?? I am playing with the AIM, so unless it's for a different controller scheme.. 🤷‍♂️
    #2 When crouched, I randomly get a vignette when moving. At first, I thought maybe the vignette appears only when you're hidden in shadows or whatever, but after testing it under lights and in the open, there doesn't appear to be any consistent pattern?

    Besides that and some annoying bugs, like shooting someone near point blank, only to watch the bullet pass right through them, it's a decent game. I think my hype was so high from being a SE fan, that I expected more of an open world game.

  5. I went ahead and go this because I'm such a sucker for VR shooters but I'm really unhappy with this.

    The blurry visuals hurt the playability of this game. It's supposed to be about sniping, which means looking for tiny details in the environment and the experience is like going in as a sniper who forgot to bring his glasses. The blurry visuals make it so much harder to make out small details like you need to be able to do in this game as much as anything. The other big issue is the sound sourcing which is extremely important for this kind of experience, and it's way off, with enemies sounding like they're close by when they aren't oftentimes. The story and narration are completely annoying because it's so canned, just the ultimate uninspired WWII narration where no one involved sounded like they cared or had a hint of inspiration.

    The core game design really works, but the execution is such a half job. What makes this game so offensive is that it came out in 2021 and feels like it's just exploiting the desperation of PSVR owners in the drought of new titles.

  6. Well, I love what this game could be, but the tracking is beyond broken. When I'm not told I've "left the play area" when I haven't moved, my weapons rotate to the left by about 45° anytime I use the focus mode…

    My system has been extensively calibrated and recalibrate with multiple camera positions, but this game will not cooperate.

    I'll keep an eye out for a patch.

  7. Hey Brian I just bought this game yesterday and playing it on my ps5 in VR but I have horrible weapon/hand sway with the move controllers. Any suggestions how to fix? Already tried brightening the room and moving the ps camera but still have same results.

  8. Anyone else not happy with the aim controller movement? They've tied the movement direction to where you're looking rather than where your controller is pointing. It's the opposite way round to all the other PSVR shooters that use the aim controller. It's killing the immersion for me and I keep walking into things.


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