Sniper Elite VR Review


Sniper Elite VR proves that an old dog can learn new tricks:

Sniper Elite VR is now available on Quest, PC VR and PSVR.

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28 thoughts on “Sniper Elite VR Review”

  1. This game is way over rated. It looks cool, but the controls are clunky and the objectives confusing. At one point, The radio they tell you to use to call for help is actually a savepoint where you risk the mistake of saving to where you fail the mission 1 second later. The killshot graphics are cool for only about 10 minutes until it's a distraction you'll want to turn off. This is an incomplete game that was released way too early. It's definitely in the refund category.

  2. It works better with the vr aim gun I found that using the wands made it hard to aim your gun even using the ps 4 controller made it hard but we'll worth investing in the vr aim controller its awesome 👌

  3. Sounds good, I think we need more stuff like Blood and Truth and this (but on all platforms lol). Hopefully some studios will try to do either a "Boneworls Killer" or "Alyx Killer" like the "Halo Killers" back in the day

  4. Terrible game. Made by amateurs that have no clue how to make a VR game, ONCE AGAIN. These moronic studios still refuse to look to inspiration from other VR games and it's keeps them stuck in mechanics issues from the 2016 era of VR. I'm honestly sick of this, and just wish some AAA studio would give money to any one of the many big games in the VR space to make a decent game (though onward 2 in the works due to facebook acquiring downpour). Valve created modern VR and has time and time again had to hold everyone's hand on how to make proper VR hardware and software, and people still won't listen.
    VR is dead in the water thanks to the shitty mobile quest, and no one wants to be developing games on android, more so on XR2/SD835.
    All that is left is Valve with their upcoming projects that might take another lifetime to create (and facepunch studios), and hopefully Sony can get the PS5 to run VR properly enough to handle a proper VR system and make proper VR games.
    If not, VR is doomed to fail and won't immerge for at least another decade.

  5. Great game but had real difficulty setting up using aim controller, grid kept popping up and it wouldn't proceed.
    Eventually by moving my head around inside the grid the box outline went green and clicked ttrigger/X to proceed to game.
    But must say one of the most frustrating methods of setup yet in a psvr game.
    Also would advise swapping both movements for aim joysticks round and setting brightness to max.
    Once in the game though all these inconvenient sound fade to leave you with a great, tense fps experience.
    So would recommend overall, though still pales compared to Walking Dead Saints and Sinners, and Hitman 3 Vr.

  6. Possibly the most generic shooter I've played in VR.

    Would recommend anyone watching to check out the steam reviews prior to investing.

    For some reason Upload seem to think far more highly of most games than the general population.

  7. I love this game but I do think it has some flaws. I think it does not have the best hand to hand combat but it’s better than nothing.. and I don’t like how some parts of levels, or some levels entirely, are an aim, point, and click experience. But I do believe it’s a great game and I am enjoying it so far.

  8. this looks pretty good but idk it just seems like they built it for desktop then ported it into VR
    edit: holding your breath is gonna do next to nothing for your aim because your standing up and holding 2 independent objects out in front of you theres no multiple points of contact on a single object. so yeah your gonna be shaky af

  9. I've been waiting for this game for such a long time but when I went to buy it the oculus app said that my credit card number is invalid, which is bullcrap because it is, I have tried like 3 credit cards now and all have the same problem


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