Larcenauts FIRST Gameplay Reveal – 9 Minutes of PC VR Footage


Larcenauts is our Upload Access title for the month of May, and today we’re revealing first gameplay of the hero shooter!

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27 thoughts on “Larcenauts FIRST Gameplay Reveal – 9 Minutes of PC VR Footage”

  1. you know this reminded me of apex….. talking about apex… if its apex just in VR just know your getting famous stop drop and fall all the bullshit your doing right now and immediately try to copy apex style into vr you will do good trust me and stfu idc ab your opinion

  2. This game will be good and one the biggest vr games… if people play it at launch, if nobody plays it at launch then alot of potential is lost. I mean i can see this being the next big vr e-sports game but it needs that first boost of popularity.


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