Do Haptic Vests Make VR BETTER?


I test out three different haptic vests for use with Virtual Reality headsets. I compare the Subpac M2, Woojer Vest Edge and bHaptics Tactot with the Valve Index, Oculus Quest and PSVR…

00:00 – Intro
02:38 – Haptic Vests Overview & Specs
04:37 – Oculus Quest Haptic Vests Testing
06:30 – PSVR Haptic Vests Testing
07:47 – Valve Index Haptic Vest Testing
09:35 – The Best Haptic Vest For VR
13:51 – Final Thoughts

Check out the products from Subpac here;

Check out the products from Woojer here;

Check out the products from bHaptics here;

Let me know what VR games and experience you would like to use a haptic vest with in the comments below…

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34 thoughts on “Do Haptic Vests Make VR BETTER?”

  1. I would like to see smaller options. look to the official laser tag body harness, it has the perfect sensitivity locations built into its design, in my opinion. i know I would buy a VR laser tag set for the online experience.

  2. As a owner and backer of the woojer vest and this alone is great general feeling. But I would recommend audio haptic for beginners or budget saver. But if you got the money and the requirements go for full suit haptic.

  3. Looking at the example showing the woojer vest's sides sticking out, it appears the straps are completely loose and haven't been tightened at all… Is it any different if you actually pull the straps? Lmao.

  4. the overview and specs section could be better done with a table of specs and a quick discussion of salient metrics,

    great comparison though thanks.

    haha VR jumpsuits are gonna be so sick!! 😝

  5. i was on vrchat the other day and saw someone with a haptic vest so I pulled out my avatar with a weapon and slashed him a bunch but he had been playing with it a bunch it didn't really phase him

  6. A great video. But now that the BHaptics supports audio to haptics, means it now works with all VR systems and games to some extent. Though I have to imagine dedicated support or mods are still the most premium.

  7. Question if I buy the woojer vest I have an Xbox x new one can I use that while I use my Bluetooth headphone I was planning on buying that WiFi thing to help the Bluetooth on it or do I need a wired headset ???

  8. Weird thing I just noticed while using the Woojer with the Valve Index. When Steam VR is active, I get what feels like a "heartbeat" pulse constantly. At first, I thought it was just that the vest was on tight and was making me feel my own heartbeat more, but it's coming from the vest. I've tested on two different computers (but the same Valve Index and Woojer vest) and it does it on both. If I connect the vest to my phone, it does not do it.

  9. I got the Woojer Vest for my son and connected it with the Creative BT-W3 in order to sync with PS4 Pro. That was pretty easy and love no wires between the console and me. However i did plug in my wired beats headphones into the woojer, highly recommended. When playing games on the PS4 the haptic is great. When i tried streaming DisneyPlus the sound was still there on the headphones but no haptic…little disappointed there. I was thinking maybe its the streaming service so i pulled up the Mandalorian on my iPhone 7Plus and connect the Woojer to bluetooth, now i feel the haptic again. So something with streaming through the ps4 to the woojer for DisneyPlus was the issue. However walking around with my phone jamming to Taylor Swift (random song on my phone) and getting the full Woojer sound was awesome. I like the woojer vest a lot and looking forward to the next gen.


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