AussieStig's Review Of The HP Reverb Pro VR Headset


G’Day guys, welcome to my look at the HP Reverb Pro VR headset. We head out on track and put the Reverb through its paces. First off, we check out the HP Reverb’s specs before jumping into a series of Talk&Drive videos, enjoy!

😎 AussieStig.

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29 thoughts on “AussieStig's Review Of The HP Reverb Pro VR Headset”

  1. Good clear impression of it, cheers, looking at this unit now that they are cheaper and still great from what I can see, I don't need cutting edge stuff, happy to be one release behind for value for money

  2. thinking about buying one myself but I only have i7 7700 gtx 1080. Would simracing games (PC2, assetto, ..) be playable at least on medium settings? thank you

  3. How about that tracking in low light situations like in a living room doing simracing in the evening in front of a 32:9 Monitor mounted to my rig? Will it work or screw up the tracking? I would assume that the valve index has the better tracking and higher refresh rate that might be better for sim racing. Okay after listening to the cons I am not convinced any longer 😕 Software issues etc. I will wait for next year then

  4. i have wmr and you dont need the controllers on for sim racing. also doesnt matter if you get flat batteries. they wont effect tracking of headset. also i use eneloop pro. i have never actually needed to recharge them. the controllers have never gone flat or lost tracking due to low batteries. the haptic does get disabled pretty quickly after a full charge though due to incorrect battery level reporting from 1.2v vs 1.5v batteries. also, to be fair i never do more than 4 hours or so of vr at once. so on average only about 8 hours a week. only charge the batteries once every 2 weeks usually. but half if not more of that vr is in sim racing with controllers off i must admit.

  5. in late 2019, of all we could ask for from vr. all i ask is a headset with this resolution, or near to it. but with decent controller tracking… the rift s has good tracking. but a terrible low resolution and low refresh rate screen. the cosmos looked promising but even with its 6 cameras, so far the tracking is damn near worse than standard wmr.. and its extremely pricey.. and still lower res than the hp reverb… i am overall still happy with my lenovo explorer. but it was the cheapest lowest end hardware when i bought it 2 years ago. and there is still nothing worth upgrading to… the rift s for example would be a slight downgrade in screen resolution and refresh rate.. and eveything else is just too pricey.. im damn tempted just to get the reverb.. i do play other vr games, like onward. quite a lot. but mostly i do sim racing. so the reverb would be ok i guess. but then i would lose the flip up visor…. hmmm.

  6. Nice review man! Shared the same sentiments as me, although I didn't feel it was too bright like you suggested. But that might be because of the game you are playing. I played PCARS 2.

  7. Which SS value was used in SteamVR? 100% or more like 180% to match the real panel resolution? It's alway so unclear, how the panel resolution is reflected in SteamVR.

    Update: Tried it yesterday and even without custom supersampling and out-of-the-box this headset is giving crisp image quality way above my Odyssey+. At 188% it's just adding some minor clarity in the nearfield and deletes the antialiasing artifacts far ahead. First time ever to slide sideways of a guardrail and see the rust on it. Not to speak about all the details on the cars, interior and landscape.

    The only downside though is the smaller FOV compared to the Odyssey, even though it doesn't matter that much when driving. If I would start fresh, the Reverb is maybe the best purchase right now in terms of image quality, ease of use and also comfort (even though the padding could be a bit better).


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