Gear VR v Google DayDream on Samsung S8. Critical User Case Review.


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for the latest calibrations, news and updates. As well as subscriber benefits of in-depth calibrations and direct personal help from me. Gear VR v Google DayDream on Samsung S8 full user case review. Discover which is the best mobile VR experience, if you own a Samsung phone, and which is best if you don’t and what to look for.

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11 thoughts on “Gear VR v Google DayDream on Samsung S8. Critical User Case Review.”

  1. I tryed the gear VR for a week but returned it – haven't tried the DayDream but the Gear VR simply wasn't polished enough to use on a regular basis for me. The method to place my note 8 into the VR was horrible and could see the port on my phone being damaged if not careful. The resolution was terrible and pixelation which I know simply isn't developed enough on all VR's yet except maybe the very expensive Vibe which I have tried yet. The comfort? way too heavy – I had to lay down and then it didn't seem to work properly. I was disappointed because I really wanted to like this for traveling but no – maybe in 5 years from now we'll see something like glasses being developed with killer resolution being detached from the phone..

  2. I just bought the Daydream view so I could get the stupid controller. Seeing as the Daydream was in the box I figured i'd try it. Omg is the View terrible!!! It's one of the worst headsets i've ever used! I could drive with that headset on without a problem because of all the ligh leak. I could seriously see my entire room with the headset on and the lenses are distorted as hell!! I also have the Gear VR and wow is it way better.


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