Review Of Ampeg SVT-VR Bass Amp Simulator for UAD-2 By Brainworx


In this video James takes a look at the new Brainworx bass amp simulator the Ampeg SVT-VR for the UAD-2 platform. He talks you around the GUI and plays some of the presets. The teams at Universal Audio and Brainwork have done a great job at recreating this classic amp. It is great to see more and more amp models coming in UAD-2 format and great to see some bass amps as well.


16 thoughts on “Review Of Ampeg SVT-VR Bass Amp Simulator for UAD-2 By Brainworx”

  1. I don't understand why my setup doesn't give me this kind of volume? I use a Fender Precision Bass straight into my Apollo Twin mkII HI-Z input, and I get a pretty quiet sound until I turn it up too much that it becomes hissy. When I engage a plug-in, I basically hear nothing. My headphones are turned up, same if I were to monitor through my monitors. There has to be something either wrong with my bass, or I've messed something up in the Apollo Twin or Console. Any insight?

  2. Wow, I'm listening through a set of high-end Audio-Technica headphones and I can't believe how great this bass amp sim really sounds. I can't wait to get my Twin MK II in the mail in a couple of days to rock this thing! Quick question, can you use this amp through the unison pre-amp?

  3. I got this plugin and I love it. I wasn't totally sure I wanted that Ampeg sound for the kind of music I write but once I started using it it immediately made my bass sound better and importantly fit in the mix in a much better way. There's a variety of sounds from clean, punchy, scooped to fuzzed out. This is one of a couple plugins that make my UAD-2 crucial to me now.

  4. Hi James, I enjoyed your review, and your enthusiasm – as always.

    One small point to remember next time:
    It would've been so helpful to hear your bass alone, bypassing the plugin.
    Then when you go thru the presets, we listeners can get a real sense of what it's doing.
    I mean, maybe your bass already sounds really good, naked; we can't know.

    I hope I'm don't sound troll-y, I really enjoy your reviews! Cheers, – pbass


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