New VR Games – August 2021


August brings us some high quality VR games, including: Stride on Quest, Disc Ninja on Quest, Carrier Command 2 on PC VR, Fracked on PSVR, Lone Echo II on Rift, I Expect You To Die 2 on all headsets, and Traffic Jams on PSVR!

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13 thoughts on “New VR Games – August 2021”

  1. I recently bought Lone Echo…. but will not buy Lone Echo 2. I can't play Lone Echo any further due to a bug in the game that should not be there and if it is still after two years in the game…why bother spending more money on a sequel.

  2. Most of these games are making me feel offended (long time PC gamer)… But at least one serious gem is among those releases, and a long long long awaited one at that – Lone Echo 2! I was beginning to doubt that it will ever come out. I guess the downgrade to Quest didn't work out… []-)

  3. as far as vr games go, im waiting on dirt rally 3 and onward 2. neither of which i have much faith in either tbh. with the whole quest downgrade on pc fiasco im not sure i can trust onward devs with a sequel, and dirt rally 2 has pretty poorly implemented vr that they only tacked on after huge demand from the playerbase. both dirt rally 2 and onward 1.7 are/ were my favourite vr games by far. i honestly dont really even enjoy any other vr games.

  4. VR is so niche that it can't afford to divide customers with "Exclusives". Shame on PSVR and Quest. I hope developers come to realize that at some point. PCVR users are being left out to dry and we are tired of it. We were here first, spent the most money, have the most VR games and the most hardware available. Where is the love? Competition is great but when the market is THIS SMALL you are hurting the industry.

  5. Ah lone echo, a jaw dropping game that still holds up today, even exceeds alot of newer VR titles released today, says alot about the quality of the game.
    so so looking forward to the sequel, i bet its amazing 🙂 Sad that it is Oculus last PCVR title though, hope they put all their money on the standalone games then. Get something that is lengthy and impressive on the quest platform.

  6. I love this kind of videos, but I would like, if they were a bit longer. Some more details about the games and maybe the price of the game would be nice 🙂 But anyway, great video

  7. Rather than keeping Lone Echo and Lone Echo 2 behind the walled garden in the Oculus store for the PC platform FB killed off, those titles REALLY need to be brought to Steam as well.
    I played Lone Echo many times on my pre-ordered CV1, but I am not tying my FB account to VR. Such a shame if the Lone Echo series is kept from so many people for no good reason.


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