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  1. Glad the developers had the wise idea of use the K instead of C for the name of the game!
    In portuguese language with a C is…….😁 something all men like and cannot live withoutπŸ˜†

  2. Come on man… the graphics are far from "ok". Go back and play a little Skyrim VR, and then this. The graphics aren't just blurry… they actually pixellate. The draw distance is even less than the fog effect. The game feels the need to display completely black loading screens (no text, no animated icon) that last for around 15 seconds.

    Also… some hint on the Move controls would be nice. I figured out most of them but still don't know how to run, crouch or jump.

    Kona is an amazing game, but this VR update needs some serious work.

  3. this game is a hot mess on pc. i cant find smooth locomotion options, you go into settings and it gives you an option to map keyboard and crashes when u select it. its a point and click movement system, predetermined points only. i would never believe it but it's like half the price as the psvr version, i guess i know why now, time to refund.


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