Titanic VR Review – More History Than Play


Everyone knows how the Titanic sank, but it’s one thing to read about it and another to witness it. Immersive VR Education rolled out Titanic VR, a game where you get to experience the actual sinking from the perspective of a survivor. Is this reason enough to buy it or should you press “skip”? Let’s find out.

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GET IT HERE ▹https://amzn.to/2W0VTVE

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16 thoughts on “Titanic VR Review – More History Than Play”

  1. I think the biggest impact a person can have on this game is that's when you find the bow right in front of you the first time…
    Sad and quite educational game…
    I think this game will be a will be a relic a few years for generations to come when the Titanic totally disintegrates…

  2. This looks so boring. I’d rather have a better VR experience where I’m trying to escape the sinking ship. I know there’s pc VR experience already out there, but I found that very stale.

  3. I purchased this simulation, and even though the sinking, itself, won't play on my computer ( too many high-end graphics with all the animated characters ), I am able to play the 'game' or explore the recreated wreck of Titanic to its fullest… and I certainly have NO regrets on buying it! I have wanted a quality 'virtual dive' of the entire wrecksite for a long time; my strongest wish was realized with the release of this program… to totally see the wreckage myself, in a personally navigated exploration that I control! Titanic VR is a dream come true!


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