Budget Cuts VR Is An Absolute Nightmare – This Is Why


I return to review the biggest VR game since Skyrim VR – Budget Cuts. I also made the review almost as long. I really enjoyed this game as a VR experience but my biggest issues come with the level design and lack of stealthy puzzles. However in terms of a game designed for VR, Budget Cuts is so well implemented to work for the Vive it’s the first big step a game has made to be a true VR title.

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All the titles I reviewed for VR in the last few months have had modding supported but Budget Cuts VR (as far as I know) does not, so it wasn’t as easy for my to create VR skits and mod in crazy shit, more’s the pity.

Budget Cuts is one of the most highly anticipated games to come out for the VR this year, this is mainly due to the success and hype created by it’s demo. I never played the demo so went into Budget Cuts VR fresh and found it be an extremely exciting, if not flawed Vive game.


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