Playing CRYSIS On a $10 VR headset??? (Trinus VR review)


‘Tninus VR’ is an app that allows you to stream 2d/3d/VR games to your cheap vr headsets.
But Can it Run Crysis?
00:00 – Intro
00:37 – Setup (overview)
01:01 – Test #1 Standard Wifi
01:37 – Wifi Gameplay
03:07 – Test #2 Direct wifi + higher sensitivity
03:41 – Direct wifi Gameplay
04:04 – Delay test, wifi vs direct wifi
04:43 – Test #3 Direct USB connection
05:22 – Usb connection Gameplay
05:43 – Final Thought. (is it worth it?)

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No-music version:

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16 thoughts on “Playing CRYSIS On a $10 VR headset??? (Trinus VR review)”

  1. Thank you for your work,
    I'm using my Sony Xperia Z3 compact for testing pc games in VR. I've tested some of on trinus as well as IntuGame Vr app.
    I found IntuGame picture quality is much enhanced and balanced than trinus. but both are too much laggy.
    to play good performance like smooth gameplay either PC specs are important or smartphone or network connection ?

    My pc is C2Q Q9550 + 8gb ddr 3 + r7 250x 1Gb 128bit GDDR 5

    also trinus makes blurry image than IntuGame Vr. why is that ?

  2. Some Quick notes:
    1. My webcam is on a bit of a delay, unfortunately there is no way to fix that.
    2. Yes I mirrored the webcam footage and stretched the video a bit to make it more watchable.
    3. You can find the VR gameplay video (watchable on google cardboard) here:
    4. YES, you can try to stream at higher than 720p, but it's not recommended.
    6. If you don't like the music I have a music-free version here:


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