BEST VR Prescription Lenses – Buying Guide and Review For Oculus Quest 2 and Other VR.


Are you looking for VR prescription lenses for your oculus quest 2 or other VR device. Dr. EyeGuy reviews 4 VR lens options and gives the best buying guide to replace your glasses while playing virtual reality.

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VR Wave:
VR Optician:
VR Lens Lab:

Oculus Quest 2:
Oculus Quest 2 Head strap:
VR Silicone Cover Face:
Lens Cleaning Pen:
Lens Cleaning Cloth:
Blue Light Filter Inserts:
Anti Scratch Ring To Protect Prescription Glasses:
Horus X Gaming/Computer Blue Light Glasses:
GUNNAR Gaming/Computer Blue Light Glasses:
GUNNAR Enigma Gaming/Computer Blue Light Glasses :

Virtual Reality is amazing, and is even better when it’s clear. Wearing glasses in a VR headset can be uncomfortable. Luckily there are options for VR prescription lenses. The four VR lenses reviewed and compared in this video are:
-VR Wave
-VR Lens Lab
-VR Optician

All of these lenses are great and have their pros and cons. Dr. Guymon compares the pros and cons, but also gives recommendations when looking for VR glasses. Should you get lenses with AR (antireflective coating)? Should you get blue block coating? Should you get the magnet design lenses?

Heyedrate Lid and Lash Cleanser:
Ocusoft Hypochlorous Acid Solution:
Systane Complete Eye Drop:
TearRestore Heat Mask:
Heyedrate Warm Compress:
Electric Heat Mask:
Bruder Heat Eye Compress:
Omega-3 Supplement (PRN):
Artificial Tears (Systane Hydration PF):
Retaine MGD:
Refresh Mega-3:

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0:00 Intro
0:19 VR prescription lenses intro
1:15 VR Prescription Accuracy
1:38 VR Prescription Comfort
4:05 VR Lenses installation and removal
4:50 VR Prescription Lens Quality
5:34 VR Lens Packaging
6:43 VR Prescription Lens Prices
8:57 VR Lens Recommendations

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18 thoughts on “BEST VR Prescription Lenses – Buying Guide and Review For Oculus Quest 2 and Other VR.”

  1. Hey man, can you please answer me something a bit unrelated?

    I'm thinking about buying Quest 2 but not for games only, I want to watch YouTube videos in it, like those "POV's" places videos you know? So far all I found was videos of people watching YouTube videos in it but as if they were in a cinema, stages etc, not the video itself… Is it possible to watch YouTube videos in it without looking like you're in a place, but in the video itself?

  2. Great Comparison! Very well done! Weā€™re glad our industry has great companies to choose from with accuracy and great quality! Any one of these companies will do right by anyone. This is the way! Reloptix is upon our next chapter in service, Due to high demand we are a few weeks away from unlocking 2 new satellite labs (California & Missouri) which will reduce our turn around by 80 – 90%! We support all these companies and wish everyone the best virtual experience possible! Thanks again!

  3. First of all, excellent video! Just what I was looking for. Just one question, is there a way to determine which lenses sit furthest away from your eyes? Or another way to put it, which ones sit closest to the quest's lenses. I've heard some people have problems with their eyelashes (Sometimes their eyeballs!?!) touching the prescription lenses because they stick out further. I can see how maybe the magnetic ones might stick out further, but which ones would you say sit closer to the lenses?

  4. Thank you for the review and we are sorry to hear about the nose-touching-lenses issue. Due to differences in face shape, a small percentage of users may encounter this issue (people with nose bridge size of 20-23mm). We suggest that you can add a glass spacer that comes along with the oculus quest 2 headset which may resolve this issue. Also, you can consider using our face cover which can increase the distance between your nose and the lenses. Both solutions can alleviate the problem you are facing. We hope this will help!

    Again this issue only happens to a few percent of our customers. Most of our customers are really happy with our product as we are supported with nearly 200+ reviews on trust pilot with 4.6 stars.

    Also compare to reloptix, our shipping time is 1 week including manufacturing time, which is a few weeks faster. Just to clarify that.

  5. Very good Video! 100% accurate. First of all i buy the Reloptix adapters but the pressure to my nose was very uncomfortable, than i buy the WidmVR adapters … its a horrible 3D Printer plastik which broke after some time. Last i order on adapters after i read a lot on reddit. And yes … its 100% the best at all. Thanks!


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