Dash Dash World VR Racing Review


Dash Dash World VR Review
by Barefoot Gaming (BFG)
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People call it Mario Kart VR, but I prefer to…well…honestly…it’s pretty similar to Mario Kart…but in VR…lol

Drive, Shoot & Drift like NEVER before. Dash Dash is a cross-platform VR racing game with full hand driving and weapons controls. Over 100 hours of gameplay contents including story mode, regular online tournaments, 100s of achievements and trillion+ customizable parts.

Computer Specs
Intel i7 8700k
GTX 1080ti
64 bit O/S Windows 10 Pro

Inspired Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


12 thoughts on “Dash Dash World VR Racing Review”

  1. Thanks for reviewing this game and letting me know about it! I hadn't heard about it (not surprising since it came out Dec 26th). A polished VR cart game that is similar to Mario Kart, with multiplatform crossplay, and lots of attention to VR comfort, wow. I've added it to my wishlist to get it either when it's on sale or sooner if it becomes very popular. 😉

  2. Great review, agree all around. You can't expect Mario Kart, but judging it as a first entry, I was pretty blown away with just how fun it is. The core gameplay of drifting, weapons, and boost chaining is challenging, and really satisfying when you get it right.


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